Uh huh...

I'd like to run today. Really I would. But it's just so busy around here and I really have to allow for a good 90-minutes to do it.

So I just don't think it's going to happen.

Because in a mere 35 minutes we are going to have to have the car loaded for the evening's portion of events so that we can take a wander over to our neighbor's house for their party.

They are having a little get together. Nothing fancy. I should call it git together. That's closer. Just a bunch of us local yocals gathering together for their porch warming party. That's the new porch attached to the barn... The one built to hold all of the antiques and junk they've been gathering... It will give me a chance to pull on those old jeans and boots I was yammering about yesterday after all. Not that anyone was paying attention. Blogs are so quiet on the weekend!

We won't be able to stay long because I need to pick up dad and get Keith back to his apartment and pick mom up from the airport when her flight comes in. And there is the traffic and the construction and getting mom and dad back home.

So ya'll will understand if I don't run again today. It'll give those blisters one more day to heal. And the sunburn on my shoulders... *sigh* But I do want to be running.

Tomorrow is another day.

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