Today, I Walked...

I planned it that way. No running. It was a day of walking. And because I was walking, I wore jeans and a t-shirt. It was a lovely day out. The temperature hovered right around 70 and the dewpoint was nice and low. There was a sweet breeze keeping things cool. It was great. And I walked. And walked.

Today's miles: 5.9
Total so far: 163.5
Still to go for goal: 336.5

I had determined my path before I even drove in to town to meet with Magnificent Marge for our writing date. We met at our favorite Cafe' la Poste. She had a list of writing ideas gleaned from her Mom, which turned out to be a great idea. We wasted much less time trying to find our own ideas and there wasn't the usual back and forth on whether we liked a topic or not. We just took her "assignments" and did them. We ate cheesecake. :) We drank copious amounts of coffee. It was a good morning. Then I drove over to the folks, changed into a lighter shirt, wrote my dad a note telling him I was walking since he wasn't home at the time, and I set off on my pre-determined path.

I had no idea how far the route was, I just knew where I wanted to go. I had no idea how long it would take me. I didn't think it was far or long. So rather than put my fancy running shoes on (I wasn't running after all), I simply wore my kiddo's hiking sandals sans socks.

Note: When setting off on a walk for which you do not know the distance, do not wear shoes you aren't positive are the most comfortable in the world and which aren't enclosed to keep out all manner of pebbles and sandy grit. I'm just saying.

On the way back to the folks', I planned the route to take me past an old classmate's house, rather - the house a classmate grew up in, and that her mom still lives in. I knew that over a year ago, all of the class reunion stuff had been dropped off there as this classmate was a part of the new reunion committee assigned to planning the next reunion. I decided I would stop there and check in with this mom and find out whatever happened to that box and see if I could get my classmate's address information.

(The route also took me past a nice grocery store with a really clean bathroom, thank goodness - really necessary on a long walk after copious amounts of coffee... Just saying!)

So ninety minutes after setting out on my walk and twenty years after last seeing her, I knocked on this woman's door. I hadn't seen a car through the windows of her garage, so I didn't really think she was home, but a few minutes later, I heard the lock opening, and then the door opening, and then I heard, "Hello Keri!" She invited me in and we chatted for a little while. I asked about her daughter, got the address and asked about the box. Turns out she doesn't have it anymore. She returned it from whence it came about a year ago.

So Hutch, your question of the day is coming up... :) Go dig out your last reunion packet! I need info girlfriend!

It was a nice visit. I continued on my way, knowing my feet were becoming quite blistered and that I had made a big mistake wearing the shoes I was wearing, but hey, I was looking good. Heh.

About 20 minutes later I climbed the fence in my folks' yard to save myself about a third of a mile (maybe even a half mile - I should check that some day) of further walking.

And now I'm waiting for the hubby to get done with his massage so I can pick him up there and we can go off to Duc's - our favorite Vietnamese restaurant for dinner. And so far? Everybody has loved the cheesecake and said that if I hadn't mentioned the mistake I made, they never would have noticed it.

And hubby? He said it's just like E used to make - his first love. Isn't that sweet? Comments? I'd love to hear them. Really I would.

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