The following is something Keith left in my comments. I thought I would do an actual post about it so that more readers would see it. I hope if any of you have ideas you'll leave a comment. I know that there are lurkers who don't comment (according to the blog stats), so lurkers, if you come up with anything at all, please don't be shy! He'd like to hear from you, too!

There are readers of this blog who have lots of good ideas. So, I'll ask you to help me with ideas on this topic. The week after next I go into the hospital for a week or so of testing. They will have me wired from head to foot. They tell me I will be in bed the entire time. And, probably for about 3 days of it they won't allow me to sleep. So, what can I do to pass the time in a hospital bed for days on end? Electronic equipment isn't allowed in the room. And, everything is closely monitored. Visits from the outside are pretty restricted (sorry, Keri). The nurse told me that she has seen old man farmers take up knitting just to find something to do during this testing! I've got a stack of books to read. But, that might be a challenge when I hit 72 hours without sleep. So, any ideas on what to do to pass the time? Knitting just doesn't sound like my bag! I leave that to the old men farmers.

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