Suckage Update for Blogger Users w/ Hello...

Blogger sucks bigtime. Okay - Blogger doesn't suck. Blogger is great because they have all of this free stuff for me to use and I love it, but tonight I'm really frustrated because of this problem with my photos disappearing...

I had a lovely photo essay put together, sent e-mails to the family about it and then one by one the photos started crashing because blogger was wiping off the last part of the file name...

Don't ask me why/how. I'm trying to get the stupid thing fixed. I'm totally frustrated.


IMPORTANT UPDATE for Blogger users who are posting photos via Hello

VJ - this means you! (among others)

I figured out the problem I had tonight only happened when I went to blogger's fancy new interface screen (Compose) with my page full of pictures. Anytime I did that, for some reason Blogger chopped off half of the file name of my photos and I had to put them back on there again over on the Edit screen if I saved the post, or just start from scratch and retransfer them (but it took a while to figure out where I was losing them and when).

I'd say they have a little bug in the system. I guess it pays to have a background in software testing, too... :) Well, it doesn't pay exactly. I wish that it did pay. I could use the money. *sigh* I should go get a job. Do you suppose Blogger would pay me to sit at home and test their stuff before they roll out the changes?

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