Reunion Notes...

It was a curious thing I noticed while looking at my friend's photos from her class reunion... For the most part, the years had been good to the kids in her class and in looking at them, I saw a lot of familiar faces.

Well, among the women... Not to be cruel or anything, but the women were aging very gracefully and changing the least. There were men among those faces that when she told me who they were, I didn't believe her! Not all of the men, mind you. But a few... They were completely unrecognizable and I should have known them because they were friends of mine while in school! 

Yes, yes. I know what you're thinking. You're remembering back to my little
quiz and how poorly I did on the names thing. But these weren't names! These were faces!

A lot of the kids I was wondering about hadn't shown up, so that made me kind of sad. But there were some there who had me curious and some of my questions were answered. That was fun.

I'm thinking I might pull that list of committee members out one of these days and contact a couple of them and start working on the address list for our next reunion and actually get working on something. It won't be long before our big twenty-five is knocking at the door. It might be fun to see some of the gang. *gasp* Did I just write that? Hutch? What's come over me!?!

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