Question for Hutch is on vacation for the rest of the weekend because I just KNOW how busy she is this weekend what with that big Country Jam thing going on and having to get all spiffied up to go see Mr. George Strait. I'm jealous besides. Did you hear that Hutchling Number One? That is one cool birthday gift you got there. Have yourselves some fun and sing along a few times in my place. 'cuz you KNOW that's what I'd be doin' if I was there.

Darn right I would. I'd have on my jeans and cowboy boots and a little white tank top (in honor of Dierks Bentley) and even my hat I bet... Ya'll would be totally embarrassed to have me along so it's a good thing you didn't invite me. You'd be sneaking off down the lane pretending you weren't with me... Man. What was I thinkin'? ;-)

Have fun!!

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