Which musical act is Hutchling Number One looking forward to seeing/hearing the most? That is coming up, right? Let him know that I'm quite jealous and Kel will be, too, when she is reminded.

I'm thinking I'd like some good old George Strait if it were up to me. But of course, it's not. Then again, the whole lineup that day sounds pretty fun! Dierks Bentley, Tracy Lawrence, Patty Loveless... Is he a big fan of all of them? Okay, okay, I'm asking a lot more than one question... Sounds like a fun time could be had by all! Say hello to your sis for me.

And have fun!

(Question for Hutch is a daily segment where I ask an old school chum of a mine a question - in order to continue conversating with her, just because I like to chat with mah friend!)

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