I so enjoyed conversing with Hutch over the past couple of days in the comments that I think each day I shall have one post devoted to a Question for Hutch...

Who knows what I'll ask? But it'll be just for you Hutch.

Here's today's Question for Hutch: Not to get too detailed here (or in your answer), but after the FF dance, we headed up on the hill to UB for food and beverages and then to WP. On the way to WP we walked past the place you and I first met, right? And my memory says we also went across the cartwheeling place and at that point something happened which stressed us out... Has my memory simply embellished and so you have no idea what I am talking about???

I ask this question because I'm seriously beginning to doubt my memory on this point and am wondering if I've made that whole incident up. If you don't know what I'm talking about, next time we do lunch, we need to talk about the FF dance so you can tell me what did happen that night! :) Or e-mail me. Soon. I'm getting old. I dreamed about JW the other night. He was a doctor. *cough*

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