Looking for a Little More Luck...

The other day when dad was over for tractor maintenance and repair, we ended the day in worse shape than we started with there being no connection whatsoever to the mower blades. We couldn't get them to make any sort of firing at all in the switch when we had finally found the electrical component where that was happening.

He sent me home with a package of fuses yesterday and we crossed our fingers. I told him I'd give him a call and let him know the results. A clicking in the switch when I pull up on the reverse pedal would mean we were at least back to square one (phew!) and that would be exciting news.

I got home and had groceries to put away and a few other things to take care of, but a few hours later, I was finally able to go out and put the new fuse in and give it a shot. CLICK. Much rejoicing and snoopy dancing in the garage was observed by all daughters present...

I called Dad with the message, "We have clicking, we're back to square one!" and let him know that I was confident that I would be out there mowing on Monday. We'll see. I'll need as much luck as Kathy is looking for today.

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