Just call me jinx...

I think that's what my nephew must be calling me. Because on Saturday when I followed him around to all of his games, his poor team had really bad luck and lost every one. It was definitely not their day. While they had some decent plays, the other teams were smacking that ball and grabbing it out of the air in unbelievable ways, plus our guys had a few sloppy mistakes besides.

But yesterday? You know, when I couldn't go to any of the games? They won! Yes, every single game. For the championship of the tournament. Uh huh. When I wasn't there to see it.

I think my nephew is going to request that dear Aunt Keri just not bother to come and watch him play anymore. Or I won't hear about the games. Or maybe I'll hear about them but I'll get the wrong field location or the wrong starting time or something. Cuz I've gotta be a jinx. Poor guys. Sorry B!

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