In the Gutter...

So the other day when Dad stopped by he noticed something at my house.

Later when Keith and I stopped by his house he asked, "Have you looked up lately when you're around your front door to see that you have trees growing out of your rain gutters?"

I hadn't, of course. Frankly, I don't ever use my front door, and when I'm driving up to the house, I'm usually concentrating on the garage door opener and whether or not the garage door is actually opening and if it is opening all the way or not. I told him I'd seen a squirrel up there eating the seeds just the other day, though. That's because Devil Dog, Hound of Hell (aka Spawn of Satan) was barking madly out the front window at said squirrel while sitting in his little perch on the window seat in the office as I blogged one morning...

So there had been a gathering of leaves and upon that gathering another gathering of maple seeds and now those maple seeds were begining to sprout into cute little maple trees in one area where the leaves had thickened enough to trap a goodly amount of moisture.

We've had a dryspell for several days, and we're expecting rain tomorrow afternoon, so once I'd finished my run today, Dad wondered what I was doing next. Thought it might be a good time to clean out those gutters. Before the rain. While the stuff was still good and dry. He cleaned them out last time for me while they were disgustingly wet.

Well, I couldn't think of a single thing I needed to do this afternoon, so I told him to come on out and keep an eye on the ladder for me while I climbed up and down and cleaned them out. They were some cute little trees! Once done, he dragged the hose up and flushed it through. We also got rid of a paperwasp nest in the corner that we'd agitated during our work. A evening's work... Thanks Dad!!

But what is that poor squirrel going to find to eat now?

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