Go Lance!

Can't wait to see today's results!
Busy day yesterday. I'd worked so hard around the house the day before that I decided to head off to a movie but that was after meeting Marge for our typical Friday morning writing date (this week at Cafe la Poste).
I also did some errands in the old home town, including a stop at Wally World where I saw an old classmate of mine. It's funny. I had just been quizzing myself with my senior yearbook the night before during one insomnia attacks. (I scored about 35% on trying to put a first and last name to the photos of the faces in my own class - pathetic memory that I have; we had what, Hutch - 180 in our class? or were there fewer... I'd count them but I'm lazy, she'll prolly remember). I went through the class three or four times with the quiz improving only slightly each time. But I thought that at least if I ran into people after that, I'd maybe have a better chance of knowing who they were.
Wrong. I saw her, knew I graduated with her, knew she hadn't changed (other than looking a little older, maybe more tired), came up with what I thought was her first name and blanked on the rest. Couldn't for my life come up with the rest. She glanced at me a couple of times as we stood in line and didn't even seem to have an ounce of recognition, so I don't feel too bad, but still.
I checked the yearbook later. I did have the first name right. 1/2 point.
After the movie the folks took me to dinner at Green Mill. This is owned by another grad of my class. I already knew this going into the situation, though. So when I saw him there later (looking great, I might add for other classmates who might be reading), it wasn't even a test of braincells to come up with his name. He was deep in conversation with people at the bar, though. I didn't get a chance to test his own memory with a hello from me. Too bad. It would have been kind of fun. I like this game.

I hear another classmate I haven't seen in over 15 (maybe 20, I can't recall if he made it to the 5 year reunion) years is coming to town near the end of the month. I'd like to arrange a bumping into to test his memory, too. But I'm afraid the joke would be on me and I wouldn't recognize him...

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