Friday's accomplishments...

  • Blisters? Check!

  • Sunburn? Check!

  • Sore calf muscles? Check!

  • Lactose overrun? Check!

  • Weight gain? Probably!

  • Today was baseball day! Since Keith was hard at his overtime work the minute he woke up this morning, I decided to head in to the old hometown and watch my nephew play a little baseball. I don't know where he gets his energy. I suppose the fact that he's eleven helps... He played two games at one field, then ran off and jumped into another uniform and played as a substitute for another team that was short players in a tournement at another field. So I jumped in my car and followed him to that game, too. He's got another couple of games tomorrow, but I'll have to miss those. It was fun to watch them play today, though. He's a great player, and he can play any position. He's an all around great athelete. Put him in any sport and he'll take to it like he was born to it. He's a natural.

    These aren't actually from yesterday's games, but here he is outfitted and ready to play... (he's in the helmet)

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    Action shot! Poised and ready to swing. I bet he knocked this one out of the park!

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    You'd be proud of me, Hutch. Saw the parent of another class of '83 student at the baseball fields this afternoon. Went and had a little chat with her. I know she's in town and generally where she lives and works. Told the mom I'd be in touch to get more details soon. :) I'll be getting those updated address books together before you know it. Maybe you will want to be on the committee when you see how put together I am. It will be all fun and no work! heh.

    Brought home dinner from Papa Murphy's. Going to eat now and then I need to run ramps down to the other bro's house.

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