For Sydnor...

Last week I learned that Elizabeth's mom, Sydnor, needs to start having chemo once again. So tonight I ran for her. I know from having seen friends and family go through it what a challenge chemo can be. I hope she has an easy time of it. That's my prayer for her. And that she only has to have it for a short while and that its effectiveness is incredible.

Today's miles: 5.03
Total so far: 122.73
Still to go for goal: 377.27

I watched Identity while I ran. What a suspenseful movie! And I ran starting around 9:30 pm here in my very quiet house. Think I'll be sleeping tonight? I'm not so sure. I think my next batch of movies will include some nice light comedies or romantic chick flicks for a change. This week's trio (Identity, The Italian Job, and House of Sand and Fog), while all great, were a little more heart-quickening than I need when I'm already running my heart at its exercise pace.

I also got to go to a movie today. Mom treated me to The Notebook in the old hometown this afternoon. We thought we would be joined by a couple of "The Girls," but they both were too busy at the last minute to see us. One had to attend her grandson's last regular baseball game of the season, and the other had a "young man" coming to talk about a wall in her house... taking down? putting up? I don't know which. I didn't get the details. All I know is, they both missed the movie. We'd planned to see The Terminal with them, but when they ducked out, we changed plans because Mom really wanted to see this one instead and I've already seen The Terminal.

Anyway, I guess I'll try and get some sleep now. Or read. I'm going to reread House of Sand and Fog. I actually really liked the movie. A lot more than I thought I would after having read the book. From what I remember of the book at this point, I liked the movie better and I can't usually say that. So now I have to read it again and see if that holds up. Sir Ben Kingsley gave an awesome performance, as did his "wife" in the movie, Iranian actress, Shohreh Aghdashloo. And Jennifer Connelly was fantastic in the role of the addict in a downward spiral... It was all fabulous. Okay. To bed.

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