For Ruth O...

I believe today's inspiration, coming again from Krush, is another of her Aunts. But with Krush on hiatus from blogging these days, I can't just pop over to her blog and ask her to come and fill us in.

Today's miles: 4.75
Total so far: 172.25
Still to go for goal: 327.75

I ran around the old hometown today. Even took a few turns around the track since it was open, but the hot black surface and somewhat enclosed area was so much warmer than when I was out on the street so I only did a mile in there. I do like the more springy surface, though!

Once on the road again, I ran into another aquaintance. He happens to be the father of someone who was in school with me for just a couple of years when I was really young. Only back then, he didn't know he was this kid's father! Yes, it's all very fascinating and such. I learned all about it a few years back when I was waiting in the same loooooooong line he and his wife were waiting in. I recognized them as being old neighbors and introduced myself. They hadn't recognized me since I was all grown up and had been just a little tyke. Anyway, as we were talking, he suddenly asked me if when I was young, had I played with this certain little boy. I said, "Sure I did! I remember him well and always wondered what happened to him because he moved away!"

So Mr. X said, "Well, a few years ago he came and knocked on our door and said, Mr. X? I don't know how to tell you this, but you're my dad."

Well, today I saw Mr. X out watering his lawn and letting his beautiful puppy run through the sprinkler - that was adorable! - and asked him if he thought Joe would want to come to our next class reunion. He thought maybe he would, so I'm going to contact him when I'm collecting addresses and as long as Joe is only as far away as the Twin Cities, we'll get him an invitation, too.

Wow, what was I thinkin' yesterday? The weekend was over and I totally forgot to get back to Q4H! I'll have to ask two today! Coming up...

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