For Ed S...

Today I ran for the last of Krush's requests, and I believe her Grandpa Ed.

Today's miles: 5.17
Total so far: 186.17
Still to go for goal: 313.83

Had a good (but HOT) run in the old hometown again today. Did a little tour of the cemetery right in the middle of things to give myself a little break and get out of the sun for a couple of minutes. While there I splashed a little water on my face and stayed in the shade and looked for some significant gravesites. Found some, Missed some. When I took off again, things had really clouded over for the last couple of miles, thankfully.

Met Miss Marge for writing prior to the run. We got our topics from her mom again. Had enough time for an extra again. That works out really well. Next week I'm going to pop out here on Thursday if I think of it and ask any readers who are around to send in suggestions, so I hope people will send a few in. All we want are sentence fragments or words that we can just go from. Nothing fancy. For example, today we had the following (I don't have my notebook right in front of me, Marge, so forgive me if I butcher them or forget something):

  • the sunflowers were ripe

  • itchweed

  • there was a strong wind from the north

  • We had enough time to add a fourth, and since tonight there will be a blue moon, we wrote on (oddly enough!) blue moon! :)

    Now I'm going to put together a welcome home banner for Kel because she's coming home tonight. Then I have to hit the grocery store and put some food in the house. Again because she's coming home tonight. I think she'd like it if there was something here for her to eat. Maybe.

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