For Don B...

I'm back to Krush's Inspiration list tonight for my run... I ran for Don B, who had brain cancer. Unless I have him out of order, I think he was her Uncle. Hope I got that right, sweetie.

Today's miles: 5.75
Total so far: 181
Still to go for goal: 319

I ran in the old hometown again tonight and only did part of my mileage running up on the hill in the old neighborhood. Afterwards, I ran down Third Street Hill (tricky) and stopped by the band shell where the Community Band was giving a concert so I had a rest and a listen for about an hour, meeting my mom there. Then we walked back to their house which finished off my mileage.

Now I'm going to shower, do some more writing and get to bed. I started my day with writing, housecleaning and more writing. It was a good day.

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