For Dana...

Sweet Dana is gettin' busy (among a whole lot of other bloggers out there) with Project Blog, which I will someday participate in (or the blogathon if that comes back next year or whatever)...

Her current post is about Dana Perry, one of the inspirations in my list on the right, and the woman I last ran for. I just wanted to make note of that here, because I had mentioned that I was hoping Dana would pop by and say something about Ms. Perry in my comments that day and she has been so busy preparing stuff for Project Blog that she hasn't had a chance to do that. So now you can read all about her, and go support Dana's other efforts in her twenty-four hour blog-o-mania (there are already some powerful posts out there, and some beautiful photos, and funny stuff).

Leave her comments, ask her questions, anything to help keep her going for several more hours!

And certainly not to be forgotten, Angela is also participating in Project Blog! Hope you visit her and cheer her on, as well!

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