For Dana Perry...

The next in line of Dana's inspirations! Hope she pops by and tells us a little bit of history!

UPDATE! Dana is in the midst of her blogathon and has just posted a whole lotta great info about Dana Perry so now I can link it and you can read all about it!

Today's miles: 4.1
Total so far: 157.6
Still to go for goal: 342.4

I started out the day with a haircut! Call me Shorty McShortShort! I Lurrrrrrrrrves it! It is cool and easy. Then I changed into my running shoes and a cooler (and hairless) shirt.

Today I ran in the old hometown again. I started out walking at the folks' house, and took off up the hill and into a different cemetary. I stopped briefly at an old schoolmate's gravesite where he is buried side by side with his brother. Scott was killed in a tragic car accident on the day he and his friends were celebrating his eighteenth birthday. His brother took his own life a few years later. Very sad. Then I noticed a funeral a little distance away and respectfully moved my feet out of there.

I moved past the park
 from the recent party for Kel and had grins and chuckles all the way past.

As I reached the corner, I saw a car at the intersection with a grinning and familiar face in the driver's seat but with my headphones in, didn't realize what she was saying until she had drivin away and simply waved my arm off at my hairstylist ("Nice haircut!").

That's when I started running and was moving along really well using music for the first time. I think I'm going to have to get me one of the new cheaper MP3's. I see Apple is coming out with a cheaper iPod that I might have to save up for beg the Easter Bunny for ask for this Christmas. Anyway, I was listening to my Best of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers CD which is just long enough and just rockin enough to keep me moving.

I decided to run down Gray Street for kicks and some old neighbors were outside, including a gal I grew up with. She was a kick-ass bike rider. We'd have races around the block on our banana seat bikes and nobody could beat her. Her kids were there today, too. I stopped and chatted with all of them and met the kids and told them how awesome their mom was on that bike. They laughed. I don't think they could picture it. Finally I took off again. Good thing I had the music. I'm not sure I could have restarted after that cool down!

I had an incredibly difficult hill to run up at one point. Ended up having to walk half of it. Some day I'll rerun that route and kick that hill's butt. When I'm in better shape. Just watch me.

Going to shower now. And drink. Lots. At least the humidity has released its grip. We had some nice storms move through last night and cool things down a bit. Going to post some more photos from Kel's party later. There are some fun ones that never got up. And still a Q4H to come!

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