For Cecilia Ledevehat...

Today I ran (finally) for the family of Cecilia Ledevehat. I can't believe it took me this long. I should have had a calendar sitting right beside my computer to write down who I was going to run for when so that I would keep track of everything properly. Miss Trudi asked me to run for Cecilia's family back in May. She was the mother of one of Trudi's oldest and dearest friends and she has passed away the morning that Trudi asked me. I'm only a couple of months late Trudles. But here is your run, sweetie!

Today's miles: 5.5
Total so far: 140.9
Still to go for goal: 359.1

I finished watching Road to Perdition and started watching something else. I'm not going to tell you what, though. Because tomorrow I'll snap a photo and put it up for What is Keri Watching??? I'm having trouble posting today, though. If I get any posts to go through, we'll all get to play.

Maybe I'll see you soon.

Excitement! I just saw the brilliant flash of a scarlet tanager go flying by my office window. Haven't seen one of those all summer!

Off to the showers now. And to find the Tums. I had to finish off the yogurt with one more bowl of grapenuts and yogurt his afternoon before my run as I hadn't had brekkie before Dad came by to work on the tractor. Besides, there were all sorts of ripe black raspberries alongside the driveway that I picked as I waved goodbye to him that were just crying out for a yogurt/grapenuts parfait...

Then I'm going to go return mom's vase to her. I filled it up with all sorts of beautiful hydrangia from my garden... Shhh. Don't anybody tell her. I want to surprise her.

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