For the BT Warriors...

Today's run was for Kathy, Anthony, Minnie's Sister, and Bruce. This is a group of BT Warriors, most of whom Keith knew through the BT Support group he met at the NBTF's online website and one that we met in Denver when we went to the conference out there a couple of years ago. A strong and wonderful group of warriors, all of them.

Today's miles: 5.1
Total so far: 135.4
Still to go for goal: 364.6

Started watching Road to Perdition today while I lurched along on Lurch. And Robert? You'll be happy to know I don't always run the entire thing. Today I bet I quickly walked about a third of the mileage.

Now I'm going to shower and run some errands. I'm still trying to get a hold of some music to get in the mail for Kel, and I have some shopping and some play tickets to order and I could use a mocha. Mmmmmmm mocha...

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Bethany Firem said...

NBTF is now NBTS (National Brain Tumor Society). Check us out! www.braintumor.org