For Bernie and his Incredible Remission!

Because that deserves a really great run and today was hot, but fun. Well... it was a long one. And it earned me a new duck! I've got a long way to go if I'm going to make it to 200 by the end of the month, which is where I wanted to be, but if I keep going like this, I can do it. No pressure, but it would be cool. We're so thrilled by Bernie and Barb's news! We're celebrating with you guys!
Today's miles: 5.4
Total so far: 153.5
Still to go for goal: 346.5
So today I ran the old route in the old hometown. I use to run this route back in the old days when I moved home from Colorado. My folks lived in a different house then, out by this old route. And the road I ran out was a lot quieter and had a lot fewer houses on it. Things change. The road I ran out had some other history, too.
It was the road that back in, oh 1982 or so, I totalled my Dad's prize Cougar. It was so pretty - midnight blue metallic and fawn, two doors - it was sweet. I was going around a blind curve on dry roads and another car came around from the other direction on my side of the road so I swung wide to miss him and headed straight for the supports of the railroad bridge. Being the young driver I was (I'd had my license prolly less than a year at that point), I cut back too sharp and shot toward the other side of the road and then cut back again, swerving out of control. About that time the left rear of the car slammed into the far curb snapping the rear axel before I shot back across the road and up an embankment. The other driver never saw any of it happen, he just obliviously kept going. As I sat there stunned but unhurt, three other cars drove by looking at me sitting there in the road where the car had rolled back down and thinking to myself that I was a dead duck. Finally a guy stopped and gave me some help. But Dad's car was history. And my brother (the favorite son) will never let me live it down. *sigh*

I used to run this road with my buddy, Lynn. Wish I could run with her again. Haven't managed to connect with her on the whole running thing, though. We had a pretty well-matched pace back then. I think it would be fun to try that again. Especially on the old routes.

Movie day with my Gray Street Buddy tomorrow. Get to hear the updates on her class reunion. She was part of the class after mine (my ex's class, too) because she is younger than me. She never lets me live that down, either. :-)

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