A Day in Review

Just returned from much driving again. Had to run Mom to the airport where she was jetting off to Dallas in a spur of the moment decision to visit a friend in need after the death of one of Mom's high school classmates (who also happened to be the friend's husband). She was on the phone with Carolyn (her friend) and Carolyn simply asked, "Will you please come?" Mom checked on flights and decided to go for it.
My whole family was saddened to hear of Dan's death. He was a great guy - funny, opinionated, generous and loving. RIP Waldo. We'll miss you.
After the airport I brought Dad back home, stopped in the old hometown for gas and a carwash and the streets were crowded with people visiting the Music and Arts Festival so I thought, "Why not?" I wandered around for a little while stopping at all of the art booths. I avoided all of the greasy food booths even though the mini-donuts smelled divine.
From there I stopped at the cemetary where I realized I hadn't visited since my grandmother's funeral 18 months ago. Dad had just been there watering flowers I noticed. He said he was heading that way. I offered but he said it would give him something to do.
Then it was off to the grocery store where I picked up everything I needed for this. I'm going to make it next weekend and if it turns out okay (yes a test run), I'll make it again the following weekend for Kel's homecoming. And then we'll all drop over from the extra cholesterol. :-)
Things are starting to cool off and now that I know I have to get Keith to a dentist appointment tomorrow morning and then to his apartment instead of having the whole day for mowing, I think I might go get some of that done now. You know, if the mower works and all that. *cough*
Gonna run today, Ker? Well, duh. Later.

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