You are all probably already aware of this totally cool website, but every once in a while I have to talk about it anyway because I think it is such a great idea.

Being big readers around our place, we have tended to amass a huge quantity of books. Huge. Far too many. So many that I have boxes of them downstairs waiting for the day that we have lots of time on our hands to design and build the bookshelves of our dreams in various locations around the house to hold all of said books.

Because we have a very difficult time parting with them. Or many of them anyway. I've parted with some. I sold a large number in the Relay for Life garage sales we had last year. And I've also managed to release a few into the wild. Through Bookcrossing.

If you haven't heard about Bookcrossing, it's this really great place on the web where people from all around the world share books and follow the paths of those books as they are passed on from person to person. Follow the link and have a peek. It's cool.

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