Because it's Thursday?

AND I have not yet prepared my photo for What's Keri Watching (stay tuned), I'm tossing this little meme first found at Dave's this morning. (This meme came originally from a site called The Thinklings: The Nexus of the Intellectual Universe...)

The Rules: Pick one or the other. "Both" is not an acceptable answer; this is a gun to the head scenario. "Neither" is only acceptable if you have no information on either choice or don't understand the options. As always, feel free to provide reasons for your choices.

1. Tea: Hot or Iced - It's summer and it's a hot one today so I'll have iced, thanks.
2. Spider-Man or Superman - But I'm a child of the movies here. I was never keen on Mr. Reeves' Superman. Give me handsome Tobey Maquire anyday of the week.
3. John Lennon or Paul McCartney - George Harrison. :) Okay, okay. That wasn't the question. John Lennon of the two.
4. The Beatles or The Rolling Stones - The Beatles. But I do get a kick out of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards.
5. Newsweek or TIME or U.S. News and World Report - None of the above. I don't read any of them.
6. DJ Jazzy Jeff or The Fresh Prince - The Fresh Prince. I love Will Smith.
7. Dostoevsky or Tolstoy
8. Horses or Cows - I'm from Wisconsin, what else am I going to say? ;-)
9. Lemons or Limes - I love me some lemon meringue pie. I've always wanted to try key lime, but lemon meringue is constantly calling me when I have the opportunity so I never try it...
10. Catwoman: Julie Newmar or Eartha Kitt - Could there BE another Catwoman? Who IS Julie Newmar? ;)
11. Wallpaper or Paint - I actually hate wallpaper but love the look of a fresh coat of paint in various colors.
12. Radiohead or Coldplay
13. Conan O’Brien or Craig Kilborn - neither. I haven't seen late night TV since Letterman changed networks.
14. Widescreen or Full Screen - for a long time I resisted thinking there was no difference other than an annoying black space, but then I did a comparison between our widescreen DVD of Bridget Jones and our VHS and realized the subtle things we were missing out on.
15. Red or Blue
16. Salsa: Hot or Mild - not a salsa person, I hate chunks of onions and other unknowns in my food; I'm weird that way.
17. Peanuts or Pecans - wait, which ones are pecans again? do I like those? peanuts I think.
18. “America the Beautiful” or “God Bless America”
19. Lynrd Skynrd or Neil Young - but only in small doses and with CSN
20. Checks or Cash - I've gotten lazy since the invention of the chextra cards, I hate writing out checks.
21. Paper or Plastic - but give me paper only if it has handles. Otherwise I'll try and remember my own cloth bags. And I usually try to remember them anyway.
22. Golf or Tennis - table tennis, that is. :)
23. Flowers or Candy - are you kidding me?
24. Howard the Duck or Ishtar - shoot me now. neither! At least I can say I've never seen either of them!
25. Hall or Oates - um, neither.
26. Captain or Tenille - I had a serious crush on the captain when I was about 8. He was so cute!
27. In a chick’s hair: Clippies or Scrunchies - a chick's? Anyway, I wear my hair short. Scrunchies suck. Clippies? Who calls them clippies? Chicks maybe. My answer is neither.
28. Fannypacks or Spandex Biking Shorts - heh.
29. Science Fiction or Fantasy - tough call that.
30. Jason Seaver or Steven Keaton - give me Michael Gross's grown-up flower child dad over Alan Thicke's character any day.
31. Mike Seaver or Alex P. Keaton - this one is tougher but I love Michael J. Fox and his uptight characters contrast with his parents.
32. Rainbow Brite or Strawberry Shortcake - who?
33. G.I. Joe or Transformers
34. Dawson or Pacey - wha?
35. Sunny skies or Rainy day - Sunny skies. Definitely.

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