For Ed S...

Today I ran for the last of Krush's requests, and I believe her Grandpa Ed.

Today's miles: 5.17
Total so far: 186.17
Still to go for goal: 313.83

Had a good (but HOT) run in the old hometown again today. Did a little tour of the cemetery right in the middle of things to give myself a little break and get out of the sun for a couple of minutes. While there I splashed a little water on my face and stayed in the shade and looked for some significant gravesites. Found some, Missed some. When I took off again, things had really clouded over for the last couple of miles, thankfully.

Met Miss Marge for writing prior to the run. We got our topics from her mom again. Had enough time for an extra again. That works out really well. Next week I'm going to pop out here on Thursday if I think of it and ask any readers who are around to send in suggestions, so I hope people will send a few in. All we want are sentence fragments or words that we can just go from. Nothing fancy. For example, today we had the following (I don't have my notebook right in front of me, Marge, so forgive me if I butcher them or forget something):

  • the sunflowers were ripe

  • itchweed

  • there was a strong wind from the north

  • We had enough time to add a fourth, and since tonight there will be a blue moon, we wrote on (oddly enough!) blue moon! :)

    Now I'm going to put together a welcome home banner for Kel because she's coming home tonight. Then I have to hit the grocery store and put some food in the house. Again because she's coming home tonight. I think she'd like it if there was something here for her to eat. Maybe.


    For Don B...

    I'm back to Krush's Inspiration list tonight for my run... I ran for Don B, who had brain cancer. Unless I have him out of order, I think he was her Uncle. Hope I got that right, sweetie.

    Today's miles: 5.75
    Total so far: 181
    Still to go for goal: 319

    I ran in the old hometown again tonight and only did part of my mileage running up on the hill in the old neighborhood. Afterwards, I ran down Third Street Hill (tricky) and stopped by the band shell where the Community Band was giving a concert so I had a rest and a listen for about an hour, meeting my mom there. Then we walked back to their house which finished off my mileage.

    Now I'm going to shower, do some more writing and get to bed. I started my day with writing, housecleaning and more writing. It was a good day.


    Two quickie posts before bed… first for the question for Hutch…

    Are you still running on your treadmill now that summer is here and the boys aren’t in school or are you staying too busy going to the pool?

    (Question for Hutch is a daily segment where I ask an old school chum of a mine a question - in order to continue conversating with her, just because I like to chat with mah friend!)



    Squeaking one in before midnight and still waiting for your teacher answer... :) 'cuz I'm impatient like that...

    Did you get a peek behind the Jr. High/High School when you did your tour of the old hometown in June?

    My walk this evening took me back there and I was amazed at how things have changed...

    (Question for Hutch is a daily segment where I ask an old school chum of a mine a question - in order to continue conversating with her, just because I like to chat with mah friend!)

    For Mary Ellen...

    Well, the headache never dissipated, but I did manage a fast walk just the same. After spending the remainder of the afternoon post-sumac fighting and mowing just sitting around the house waiting for the pain to go away, I decided to get off my butt and ignore it. So I showered and spiffed up and grabbed my notebook, one of my current reads, my list of errands, and headed to town.

    First stop was the co-op where I had to pick up a special order for Keith. From there I thought I would go to the old hometown for some writing and/or reading at our favorite postal coffee shoppe. As I drove up, I was thrilled to see there was plenty of parking right in front! With good reason. They had closed half an hour before I got there...

    So I continued on to Borders as I had a price discrepancy on our last purchase. Seems like everytime we go there lately they either overcharge us for something or double charge us for something! It's amazing. Got myself a caramel mocha (a freebie because I had a full drink card - made it worth the drive over there!) and perused the shelves for about an hour... Then I sat down to finish my drink and do some writing, but there was a magazine sitting there with a blurb on the cover saying they had an interview inside with Christopher Walken. Couldn't pass that up! (Oh, and Mark? Same magazine also interviewed Kirsten Dunst! What a goldmine! Great photos, too...) So I read that first. I did get a little writing in... Spent nearly three hours there and didn't spend a penny! Not their favorite customer of the night, I'm sure...

    Finally I headed back to the old hometown, stopped to see the folks and find out how their dinner out with friends was and changed into my tennie bummers... Went for a fast walk in the dark (how else do you walk in the dark?). It was a great night for walking, just the right temperature, a nice breeze to keep the skeeters away, and enough of a moon to keep it from being too dark.

    And the stats for Mary Ellen...

    Today's miles: 3
    Total so far: 175.25
    Still to go for goal: 324.75

    Haven't heard their plan of action with treatment, but I wish her the best.


    Had to add another name to the inspirations list today...

    I hate it when I have to do that. It makes me so sad.

    Today's name is Mary Ellen. She's a friend of my parents'. My mom called them today because she hadn't heard from them for a while. Her husband Dan answered the phone and he didn't sound like himself. She asked if everything was okay. He told her they were going through some stuff but that he was going to let Mary Ellen tell her and put his wife on the phone.

    She has colon cancer and when they found it, it had already moved into the liver. Sorry to hear about it Mr. and Mrs. S...

    That's all I know for now. If my head feels well enough to take a run later, I'll be running for Mary Ellen... I hope the storm that's brewing moves through and gives the barometric pressure some relief. I think that's what's causing my headache...

    Someone tell me...

    Who puts sumac in a garden??? My landscapers, that's who. And at the time, I didn't know anything about plants or gardening and I simply said, "Our house is in the woods... we want our foundation plantings to fit in with the surroundings and I want them easy to care for because I know nothing about taking care of them and don't want to have to be out there all year fussing over them. So please plant easy-care plants."

    They put in a lot of plants. Far more than we really needed. For the most part they were things that didn't need a lot of care. For the most part, they are beautiful. Some of them died. This past winter, we lost four rose bushes. I balked when they brought the rose bushes out. "Roses need a lot of care," I said.

    "Not these roses," they assured me. And for several years, they thrived with no real input from me, other than pinching off the dead buds and trimming back the stuff that hung over the lawn and caught me when I had to mow (damn thorns). But this was a difficult winter with little snowcover and cold temperatures until late in the game. I guess that's what did them in.

    And then there was the sumac. Very natural looking in our forest setting. But also very aggressive. Did I say aggressive? I actually meant barbaric. They planted three (THREE!) sumac in our foundation plantings... one in the front yard and two in the back, rather close together and just behind the back patio. We had this done about five summers ago and last summer I realized they were growing to gigantic proportions and blocking the view of the forest from our windows, blocking the sunlight from our home, blocking the little animals of the forest from access to our yard (heh, just kidding)... So I bought myself a large (sharp) pair of pruning shears (grrrrr), and hacked them back. Waaaaaaay back.

    This made the little sumac get even more rapacious. They began to spread their roots far and wide, popping up everywhere. They came up beside each of the surrounding plants, just randomly within the rocks, and all along the retaining wall behind them. It was ridiculous. Something had to be done. So this year? When they shot up to their record twelve foot height in the spring? and spread far and wide before the summer heat had even come to Wisconsin? I got the shears off their nail on the garage wall, and I gutted them. I pulled as many roots free of the rocks as I could, and I bought Roundup weed killer. I poured it on every bit of the roots I could find and sprayed what I could on the small plants that were growing in the rocks to get their roots.

    Where am I going with this story? Dad came out and we got the mower and blades going today. We got the grass mowed in record time because of the dry spell of the past week (couldn't mow everything because not everything had grown)... And then? We dug those dead root balls out of the ground. And when I saw how far reaching those roots went within the rocks both over and under the black plastic used for the landscaping? I was reminded of that day earlier this summer when I attacked and killed the little (HAH) sumac plants and discovered those roots.

    If you've read along with me this far, You have to be totally bored today and you'll enjoy the ending to my story. :) The day I tugged and pulled those roots and drove myself absolutely crazy in the sun and heat finding how far-reaching they really went, amazed by the shear number of them (I think that heat was getting to me...) I finally grabbed my cell phone and called our house to wake my daughter up, knowing that calling her was a better way to talk to her than banging on her window or going inside...

    Her: Hello?
    Me: Kel! I've figured it out! I know the secret of the Matrix!
    Her: What?
    Me: I know the secret of the Matrix!
    Her: Oh. My. God. What are you talking about???
    Me: The secret of the Matrix!!! I figured it out!
    Her: Okay Mother. What is it?
    Me: It's sumac!
    Me: But you should see these ROOTS!

    I swear sometimes she has no sense of humor. Or that she thinks I'm insane. One of the two. But it all came back to me today anyway when Dad and I were pulling up the root balls. Which were totally trapped within the Matrix. Heh.


    My gorgeous niece not only got her permit this week, she also went out and got herself a real paying job! Congratulations, J! I'm so proud of you!
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    The following is something Keith left in my comments. I thought I would do an actual post about it so that more readers would see it. I hope if any of you have ideas you'll leave a comment. I know that there are lurkers who don't comment (according to the blog stats), so lurkers, if you come up with anything at all, please don't be shy! He'd like to hear from you, too!

    There are readers of this blog who have lots of good ideas. So, I'll ask you to help me with ideas on this topic. The week after next I go into the hospital for a week or so of testing. They will have me wired from head to foot. They tell me I will be in bed the entire time. And, probably for about 3 days of it they won't allow me to sleep. So, what can I do to pass the time in a hospital bed for days on end? Electronic equipment isn't allowed in the room. And, everything is closely monitored. Visits from the outside are pretty restricted (sorry, Keri). The nurse told me that she has seen old man farmers take up knitting just to find something to do during this testing! I've got a stack of books to read. But, that might be a challenge when I hit 72 hours without sleep. So, any ideas on what to do to pass the time? Knitting just doesn't sound like my bag! I leave that to the old men farmers.

    Tuesday is Chooseday...

    tuesday is chooseday

    either leave your answers or a link to your webpage with your responses.

      Would you rather:
    1. live with a tribe of pygmies in the amazon for a year OR live with three of your ex-boyfriends/girlfriends for three months?
    2. I think I left things on pretty decent terms with ex-boyfriends and could co-exist peacefully enough for three months... Living in the amazon for a year with anyone would kill this little girl, I'm afraid.
    3. produce enough saliva to fill two buckets daily OR produce enough ear wax to fill a cup daily?
    4. Oh dear. This one is a tad nasty, isn't it? Ummmm. I guess the saliva thingy. I'm swallowing a lot and having to visit the little girls room frequently but I can hear, eh?
    5. be caught spying on your neighbor undressing OR be caught digging through their trash?
    6. I'd rather explain that I'm just looking for a bit of junk to decorate "shabby chic" with than be considered a perv...
    7. eat a live ladybug OR a dead snail? EW? After the kabillions that Dad washed out of the spiderwebs behind the gutters this afternoon, this question had to be asked? but a tiny little ladybug would go down real fast compared to a snail, I think. (heh - specially with that double bucket of saliva I've got going for me.)

    Play along at TJ's blog...

    In the Gutter...

    So the other day when Dad stopped by he noticed something at my house.

    Later when Keith and I stopped by his house he asked, "Have you looked up lately when you're around your front door to see that you have trees growing out of your rain gutters?"

    I hadn't, of course. Frankly, I don't ever use my front door, and when I'm driving up to the house, I'm usually concentrating on the garage door opener and whether or not the garage door is actually opening and if it is opening all the way or not. I told him I'd seen a squirrel up there eating the seeds just the other day, though. That's because Devil Dog, Hound of Hell (aka Spawn of Satan) was barking madly out the front window at said squirrel while sitting in his little perch on the window seat in the office as I blogged one morning...

    So there had been a gathering of leaves and upon that gathering another gathering of maple seeds and now those maple seeds were begining to sprout into cute little maple trees in one area where the leaves had thickened enough to trap a goodly amount of moisture.

    We've had a dryspell for several days, and we're expecting rain tomorrow afternoon, so once I'd finished my run today, Dad wondered what I was doing next. Thought it might be a good time to clean out those gutters. Before the rain. While the stuff was still good and dry. He cleaned them out last time for me while they were disgustingly wet.

    Well, I couldn't think of a single thing I needed to do this afternoon, so I told him to come on out and keep an eye on the ladder for me while I climbed up and down and cleaned them out. They were some cute little trees! Once done, he dragged the hose up and flushed it through. We also got rid of a paperwasp nest in the corner that we'd agitated during our work. A evening's work... Thanks Dad!!

    But what is that poor squirrel going to find to eat now?

    Q4H! X2!

    1. What is the best book you've read this year?
    2. From "If (Questions for the Game of Life)" If you could, in retrospect, thank one teacher you had in school for what they taught you, who would it be, and what would you thank them for?" (I was going to ask you to limit this to the old hometown so that I would actually know who you were talking about, but that's hardly fair - this is open to all of your school experience through college and seminars you've been to - religion classes, whatever...)

    (Question for Hutch is a daily segment where I ask an old school chum of a mine a question - in order to continue conversating with her, just because I like to chat with mah friend!)

    For Ruth O...

    I believe today's inspiration, coming again from Krush, is another of her Aunts. But with Krush on hiatus from blogging these days, I can't just pop over to her blog and ask her to come and fill us in.

    Today's miles: 4.75
    Total so far: 172.25
    Still to go for goal: 327.75

    I ran around the old hometown today. Even took a few turns around the track since it was open, but the hot black surface and somewhat enclosed area was so much warmer than when I was out on the street so I only did a mile in there. I do like the more springy surface, though!

    Once on the road again, I ran into another aquaintance. He happens to be the father of someone who was in school with me for just a couple of years when I was really young. Only back then, he didn't know he was this kid's father! Yes, it's all very fascinating and such. I learned all about it a few years back when I was waiting in the same loooooooong line he and his wife were waiting in. I recognized them as being old neighbors and introduced myself. They hadn't recognized me since I was all grown up and had been just a little tyke. Anyway, as we were talking, he suddenly asked me if when I was young, had I played with this certain little boy. I said, "Sure I did! I remember him well and always wondered what happened to him because he moved away!"

    So Mr. X said, "Well, a few years ago he came and knocked on our door and said, Mr. X? I don't know how to tell you this, but you're my dad."

    Well, today I saw Mr. X out watering his lawn and letting his beautiful puppy run through the sprinkler - that was adorable! - and asked him if he thought Joe would want to come to our next class reunion. He thought maybe he would, so I'm going to contact him when I'm collecting addresses and as long as Joe is only as far away as the Twin Cities, we'll get him an invitation, too.

    Wow, what was I thinkin' yesterday? The weekend was over and I totally forgot to get back to Q4H! I'll have to ask two today! Coming up...


    For Karen R...

    While viewing Notting Hill...

    Today I ran for Karen R - Aunt to, and inspiration provided by, Ms. Krush.

    Today's miles: 4
    Total so far: 167.5
    Still to go for goal: 332.5

    And now, I'm going to bed. I'm tired right down to my eyeballs. G'night...

    A Bookish Day...

    Just finished reading The Pact: A Love Story by Jodi Picoult. It's also a Lifetime Original Movie, but my not being one with a TV, I won't have the opportunity to see it. I have a feeling this is probably one of those stories where the book is better than the movie. I'm not usually very fond of made for TV movies anyway.

    Powerful story. Serious issues. One issue left in the dark throughout leads to the destruction of lives...

    Good News!

    Good news reported from VJ today! Her mom's path report says benign lymph nodes! The cancer did not spread! A very good report... And as I told her, we're Snoopy Happy Dancing!

    At the Porch Warming...

    We had an interesting meeting yesterday at the party. Just as we were preparing to leave for the airport, an older gentleman came up to us and stopped Keith. "Hey brother! I see you have a scar there on the side of your head. It matches the one I have on the opposite side of my head. Mine is from an aneurysm..."

    And the two of them were deep in conversation, which left Keith feeling very grateful once again. Grateful that he is able to work and live his life fairly close the way he always had prior to his brain tumor. Our new friend had been a banker, but the aneurysm, being on the left side, left him unable to work with numbers and do the calculations he needed to do in his work. So he was left unable to continue his career. We were so glad he sought Keith out before we left. A little moment of grace in a hectic day...

    Just call me jinx...

    I think that's what my nephew must be calling me. Because on Saturday when I followed him around to all of his games, his poor team had really bad luck and lost every one. It was definitely not their day. While they had some decent plays, the other teams were smacking that ball and grabbing it out of the air in unbelievable ways, plus our guys had a few sloppy mistakes besides.

    But yesterday? You know, when I couldn't go to any of the games? They won! Yes, every single game. For the championship of the tournament. Uh huh. When I wasn't there to see it.

    I think my nephew is going to request that dear Aunt Keri just not bother to come and watch him play anymore. Or I won't hear about the games. Or maybe I'll hear about them but I'll get the wrong field location or the wrong starting time or something. Cuz I've gotta be a jinx. Poor guys. Sorry B!



    Lazy Monday... Beautiful fair morning - lovely weather. Been reading a book... summer beach reading basically. Heading out for a run... Going to fuss a little with the format around here because I'm in the mood for redecorating but not for a lot of hard work, LOL!

    Then I'll make a few phone calls about a Box...



    Uh huh...

    I'd like to run today. Really I would. But it's just so busy around here and I really have to allow for a good 90-minutes to do it.

    So I just don't think it's going to happen.

    Because in a mere 35 minutes we are going to have to have the car loaded for the evening's portion of events so that we can take a wander over to our neighbor's house for their party.

    They are having a little get together. Nothing fancy. I should call it git together. That's closer. Just a bunch of us local yocals gathering together for their porch warming party. That's the new porch attached to the barn... The one built to hold all of the antiques and junk they've been gathering... It will give me a chance to pull on those old jeans and boots I was yammering about yesterday after all. Not that anyone was paying attention. Blogs are so quiet on the weekend!

    We won't be able to stay long because I need to pick up dad and get Keith back to his apartment and pick mom up from the airport when her flight comes in. And there is the traffic and the construction and getting mom and dad back home.

    So ya'll will understand if I don't run again today. It'll give those blisters one more day to heal. And the sunburn on my shoulders... *sigh* But I do want to be running.

    Tomorrow is another day.

    Could be Worse...

    31.25 %

    My weblog owns 31.25 % of me.
    Does your weblog own you?

    As seen at Ben's.

    Fabulous Historical Day!

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    AP Photo/Laurent Rebours

    Overall leader Lance Armstrong, of Austin, Texas, foreground, rides past the Arc de Triomphe, seen in background, as he negotiates a curve up the Champs Elysees avenue in Paris, during the 20th and last stage of the Tour de France cycling race between Montereau, southeast of Paris, and the Champs-Elysees avenue in Paris, Sunday, July 25, 2004. Armstrong seized his place in sporting history as the first six-time winner of the celebrated Tour de France. Andreas Kloeden of Germany is in background.
    Copyright 2004 Associated Press.

    Read more here. Isn't it awesome?

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    AP Photo/Peter Dejong



    Question for Hutch is on vacation for the rest of the weekend because I just KNOW how busy she is this weekend what with that big Country Jam thing going on and having to get all spiffied up to go see Mr. George Strait. I'm jealous besides. Did you hear that Hutchling Number One? That is one cool birthday gift you got there. Have yourselves some fun and sing along a few times in my place. 'cuz you KNOW that's what I'd be doin' if I was there.

    Darn right I would. I'd have on my jeans and cowboy boots and a little white tank top (in honor of Dierks Bentley) and even my hat I bet... Ya'll would be totally embarrassed to have me along so it's a good thing you didn't invite me. You'd be sneaking off down the lane pretending you weren't with me... Man. What was I thinkin'? ;-)

    Have fun!!

    For Dana...

    Sweet Dana is gettin' busy (among a whole lot of other bloggers out there) with Project Blog, which I will someday participate in (or the blogathon if that comes back next year or whatever)...

    Her current post is about Dana Perry, one of the inspirations in my list on the right, and the woman I last ran for. I just wanted to make note of that here, because I had mentioned that I was hoping Dana would pop by and say something about Ms. Perry in my comments that day and she has been so busy preparing stuff for Project Blog that she hasn't had a chance to do that. So now you can read all about her, and go support Dana's other efforts in her twenty-four hour blog-o-mania (there are already some powerful posts out there, and some beautiful photos, and funny stuff).

    Leave her comments, ask her questions, anything to help keep her going for several more hours!

    And certainly not to be forgotten, Angela is also participating in Project Blog! Hope you visit her and cheer her on, as well!


    You are all probably already aware of this totally cool website, but every once in a while I have to talk about it anyway because I think it is such a great idea.

    Being big readers around our place, we have tended to amass a huge quantity of books. Huge. Far too many. So many that I have boxes of them downstairs waiting for the day that we have lots of time on our hands to design and build the bookshelves of our dreams in various locations around the house to hold all of said books.

    Because we have a very difficult time parting with them. Or many of them anyway. I've parted with some. I sold a large number in the Relay for Life garage sales we had last year. And I've also managed to release a few into the wild. Through Bookcrossing.

    If you haven't heard about Bookcrossing, it's this really great place on the web where people from all around the world share books and follow the paths of those books as they are passed on from person to person. Follow the link and have a peek. It's cool.

    It's Nearly Over!

    All that's left is the basic victory lap at the Tour de France - the ride in to Paris... And Lance leads by a large margin! Looks like he will wrap it up tomorrow with an historical first six-time win...

    I am so pleased!

    Friday's accomplishments...

  • Blisters? Check!

  • Sunburn? Check!

  • Sore calf muscles? Check!

  • Lactose overrun? Check!

  • Weight gain? Probably!

  • Today was baseball day! Since Keith was hard at his overtime work the minute he woke up this morning, I decided to head in to the old hometown and watch my nephew play a little baseball. I don't know where he gets his energy. I suppose the fact that he's eleven helps... He played two games at one field, then ran off and jumped into another uniform and played as a substitute for another team that was short players in a tournement at another field. So I jumped in my car and followed him to that game, too. He's got another couple of games tomorrow, but I'll have to miss those. It was fun to watch them play today, though. He's a great player, and he can play any position. He's an all around great athelete. Put him in any sport and he'll take to it like he was born to it. He's a natural.

    These aren't actually from yesterday's games, but here he is outfitted and ready to play... (he's in the helmet)

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    Action shot! Poised and ready to swing. I bet he knocked this one out of the park!

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    You'd be proud of me, Hutch. Saw the parent of another class of '83 student at the baseball fields this afternoon. Went and had a little chat with her. I know she's in town and generally where she lives and works. Told the mom I'd be in touch to get more details soon. :) I'll be getting those updated address books together before you know it. Maybe you will want to be on the committee when you see how put together I am. It will be all fun and no work! heh.

    Brought home dinner from Papa Murphy's. Going to eat now and then I need to run ramps down to the other bro's house.


    A Birthday Greeting to a Lovely Blogger...

    I interrupt my regular stuff to say Happy Birthday Stacey! Hope you had a great day!


    Will you please send me the name and addy from the last reunion book for Tuna aka J.O.? (e-mail) Apparantly she got the box of reunion stuff back because KH didn't want anything to do with it. :) I have to start with her and I think she's still in or around the old hometown, but I don't know who she married.

    She still has at least one sib in town, though. So if you don't have anything on her, I can go that route. Thanks!

    (Question for Hutch is a daily segment where I ask an old school chum of a mine a question - in order to continue conversating with her, just because I like to chat with mah friend!)

    Today, I Walked...

    I planned it that way. No running. It was a day of walking. And because I was walking, I wore jeans and a t-shirt. It was a lovely day out. The temperature hovered right around 70 and the dewpoint was nice and low. There was a sweet breeze keeping things cool. It was great. And I walked. And walked.

    Today's miles: 5.9
    Total so far: 163.5
    Still to go for goal: 336.5

    I had determined my path before I even drove in to town to meet with Magnificent Marge for our writing date. We met at our favorite Cafe' la Poste. She had a list of writing ideas gleaned from her Mom, which turned out to be a great idea. We wasted much less time trying to find our own ideas and there wasn't the usual back and forth on whether we liked a topic or not. We just took her "assignments" and did them. We ate cheesecake. :) We drank copious amounts of coffee. It was a good morning. Then I drove over to the folks, changed into a lighter shirt, wrote my dad a note telling him I was walking since he wasn't home at the time, and I set off on my pre-determined path.

    I had no idea how far the route was, I just knew where I wanted to go. I had no idea how long it would take me. I didn't think it was far or long. So rather than put my fancy running shoes on (I wasn't running after all), I simply wore my kiddo's hiking sandals sans socks.

    Note: When setting off on a walk for which you do not know the distance, do not wear shoes you aren't positive are the most comfortable in the world and which aren't enclosed to keep out all manner of pebbles and sandy grit. I'm just saying.

    On the way back to the folks', I planned the route to take me past an old classmate's house, rather - the house a classmate grew up in, and that her mom still lives in. I knew that over a year ago, all of the class reunion stuff had been dropped off there as this classmate was a part of the new reunion committee assigned to planning the next reunion. I decided I would stop there and check in with this mom and find out whatever happened to that box and see if I could get my classmate's address information.

    (The route also took me past a nice grocery store with a really clean bathroom, thank goodness - really necessary on a long walk after copious amounts of coffee... Just saying!)

    So ninety minutes after setting out on my walk and twenty years after last seeing her, I knocked on this woman's door. I hadn't seen a car through the windows of her garage, so I didn't really think she was home, but a few minutes later, I heard the lock opening, and then the door opening, and then I heard, "Hello Keri!" She invited me in and we chatted for a little while. I asked about her daughter, got the address and asked about the box. Turns out she doesn't have it anymore. She returned it from whence it came about a year ago.

    So Hutch, your question of the day is coming up... :) Go dig out your last reunion packet! I need info girlfriend!

    It was a nice visit. I continued on my way, knowing my feet were becoming quite blistered and that I had made a big mistake wearing the shoes I was wearing, but hey, I was looking good. Heh.

    About 20 minutes later I climbed the fence in my folks' yard to save myself about a third of a mile (maybe even a half mile - I should check that some day) of further walking.

    And now I'm waiting for the hubby to get done with his massage so I can pick him up there and we can go off to Duc's - our favorite Vietnamese restaurant for dinner. And so far? Everybody has loved the cheesecake and said that if I hadn't mentioned the mistake I made, they never would have noticed it.

    And hubby? He said it's just like E used to make - his first love. Isn't that sweet? Comments? I'd love to hear them. Really I would.


    Mmmm Cheesecake...

    Just want you all to know that I've done it. I've created the beautiful cheesecake you can see pictured here. No, I haven't tried it yet. Yes, I did mess up on the recipe once. It was a minor little thing. I'm sure it will still be fine. *cough* I never claimed to be a Suzy Homemaker. And this is just the test run. It's going to be great.

    Guinnea PigTaste-tester Marge is going to love it. :) Just wait and see. I'm taking some with me on our writing date tomorrow morning. Stay tuned for her review...


    Which musical act is Hutchling Number One looking forward to seeing/hearing the most? That is coming up, right? Let him know that I'm quite jealous and Kel will be, too, when she is reminded.

    I'm thinking I'd like some good old George Strait if it were up to me. But of course, it's not. Then again, the whole lineup that day sounds pretty fun! Dierks Bentley, Tracy Lawrence, Patty Loveless... Is he a big fan of all of them? Okay, okay, I'm asking a lot more than one question... Sounds like a fun time could be had by all! Say hello to your sis for me.

    And have fun!

    (Question for Hutch is a daily segment where I ask an old school chum of a mine a question - in order to continue conversating with her, just because I like to chat with mah friend!)

    Suckage Update for Blogger Users w/ Hello...

    Blogger sucks bigtime. Okay - Blogger doesn't suck. Blogger is great because they have all of this free stuff for me to use and I love it, but tonight I'm really frustrated because of this problem with my photos disappearing...

    I had a lovely photo essay put together, sent e-mails to the family about it and then one by one the photos started crashing because blogger was wiping off the last part of the file name...

    Don't ask me why/how. I'm trying to get the stupid thing fixed. I'm totally frustrated.


    IMPORTANT UPDATE for Blogger users who are posting photos via Hello

    VJ - this means you! (among others)

    I figured out the problem I had tonight only happened when I went to blogger's fancy new interface screen (Compose) with my page full of pictures. Anytime I did that, for some reason Blogger chopped off half of the file name of my photos and I had to put them back on there again over on the Edit screen if I saved the post, or just start from scratch and retransfer them (but it took a while to figure out where I was losing them and when).

    I'd say they have a little bug in the system. I guess it pays to have a background in software testing, too... :) Well, it doesn't pay exactly. I wish that it did pay. I could use the money. *sigh* I should go get a job. Do you suppose Blogger would pay me to sit at home and test their stuff before they roll out the changes?

    Party Revisited...

    I realized as I went back to Keli's party picturesthat I never posted the shots of the girls doing their big obstacle course challenge... And they turned out so cute, too. So for my own amusement, and for the rest of the family and friends who haven't gotten to see them yet (I realize that isn't many as I've already forced most of you to look at them), here they are!
    (Click on a photo to embiggen, please... they're so much better when you can really see the expressions on their faces!)

     Posted by Hello 
    My girls are tough and beautiful!

     Posted by Hello
    Filled with adventurous spirits and inventive minds...

    Posted by Hello
    And they have fun...

     Posted by Hello
    Aren't they gorgeous???

    Posted by Hello
    And they know how to just be themselves and laugh!

    Posted by Hello
    I hope they can always maintain that firey spirit within!

    Posted by Hello
    Bye Girls! (and Mermaid...) Thanks for the memories!

    As Mark has said, these photo essays need music! Wish I knew the first thing about adding it because I would! That would be cool...

    Reunion Notes...

    It was a curious thing I noticed while looking at my friend's photos from her class reunion... For the most part, the years had been good to the kids in her class and in looking at them, I saw a lot of familiar faces.

    Well, among the women... Not to be cruel or anything, but the women were aging very gracefully and changing the least. There were men among those faces that when she told me who they were, I didn't believe her! Not all of the men, mind you. But a few... They were completely unrecognizable and I should have known them because they were friends of mine while in school! 

    Yes, yes. I know what you're thinking. You're remembering back to my little
    quiz and how poorly I did on the names thing. But these weren't names! These were faces!

    A lot of the kids I was wondering about hadn't shown up, so that made me kind of sad. But there were some there who had me curious and some of my questions were answered. That was fun.

    I'm thinking I might pull that list of committee members out one of these days and contact a couple of them and start working on the address list for our next reunion and actually get working on something. It won't be long before our big twenty-five is knocking at the door. It might be fun to see some of the gang. *gasp* Did I just write that? Hutch? What's come over me!?!


    Can it get any better? Have you already heard?

    did it again!

    For Dana Perry...

    The next in line of Dana's inspirations! Hope she pops by and tells us a little bit of history!

    UPDATE! Dana is in the midst of her blogathon and has just posted a whole lotta great info about Dana Perry so now I can link it and you can read all about it!

    Today's miles: 4.1
    Total so far: 157.6
    Still to go for goal: 342.4

    I started out the day with a haircut! Call me Shorty McShortShort! I Lurrrrrrrrrves it! It is cool and easy. Then I changed into my running shoes and a cooler (and hairless) shirt.

    Today I ran in the old hometown again. I started out walking at the folks' house, and took off up the hill and into a different cemetary. I stopped briefly at an old schoolmate's gravesite where he is buried side by side with his brother. Scott was killed in a tragic car accident on the day he and his friends were celebrating his eighteenth birthday. His brother took his own life a few years later. Very sad. Then I noticed a funeral a little distance away and respectfully moved my feet out of there.

    I moved past the park
     from the recent party for Kel and had grins and chuckles all the way past.

    As I reached the corner, I saw a car at the intersection with a grinning and familiar face in the driver's seat but with my headphones in, didn't realize what she was saying until she had drivin away and simply waved my arm off at my hairstylist ("Nice haircut!").

    That's when I started running and was moving along really well using music for the first time. I think I'm going to have to get me one of the new cheaper MP3's. I see Apple is coming out with a cheaper iPod that I might have to save up for beg the Easter Bunny for ask for this Christmas. Anyway, I was listening to my Best of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers CD which is just long enough and just rockin enough to keep me moving.

    I decided to run down Gray Street for kicks and some old neighbors were outside, including a gal I grew up with. She was a kick-ass bike rider. We'd have races around the block on our banana seat bikes and nobody could beat her. Her kids were there today, too. I stopped and chatted with all of them and met the kids and told them how awesome their mom was on that bike. They laughed. I don't think they could picture it. Finally I took off again. Good thing I had the music. I'm not sure I could have restarted after that cool down!

    I had an incredibly difficult hill to run up at one point. Ended up having to walk half of it. Some day I'll rerun that route and kick that hill's butt. When I'm in better shape. Just watch me.

    Going to shower now. And drink. Lots. At least the humidity has released its grip. We had some nice storms move through last night and cool things down a bit. Going to post some more photos from Kel's party later. There are some fun ones that never got up. And still a Q4H to come!


    Movie Day!

    Oh yeah... Movies, popcorn, dill pickle potato chips, vegies with dip, and TGIFriday's Mudslides. Is there anything better? And for dessert I still have strawberries and fruit dip to enjoy if I want...

    We watched
    Runaway Jury (yes, John Cusack - of course) and Along Came Polly. We also looked at her photos from the reunion and she told me what was happening with the various people who came to it.

    It was a fun afternoon!


    I was really sore today. I mowed with the push mower yesterday and it took me a while to get the thing started. Pulling on that starter stresses out the muscles in my neck and upper back a wee bit.

    But with mom heading for Dallas this week, she had to give up a massage. She asked me to cancel it for her. I did one better. I took it instead.

    I've just returned from there. Sue has the magic touch. I feel much better. Now I'm going to go wash the massage oil out of my hair because my Gray Street Buddy is on her way here for movie day...

    I've picked up treats. Not all bad stuff, either - vegies and dip, some fruit, and popcorn. Of course. What would movie day be without popcorn. I didn't even get M&M's to throw in it while it's still hot. Unfortunately...

    Will report later on what we watched.

    Hope ya'll have a good day. It's been too quiet around here. I know you're reading. I've got the statistics to prove it. Even the gov'mint is reading. :)


    Hey, Hutch... You're falling behind, buddy!

    Another easy question for you today. Has season two of Starsky and Hutch come out on DVD yet?

    (Question for Hutch is a daily segment where I ask an old school chum of a mine a question - in order to continue conversating with her, just because I like to chat with mah friend!)


    First in the time trials and the only one under 40 minutes! And "They" said yet again he couldn't do it.

    I believe. Do you?


    I said I might be back with TJ's questions since it was Tuesday. I haven't done these in a long time. Probably never here at 500 miles. I think that was only in a past life. So here they are for your amusement. I hope you play along, but if you choose not to, so be it.

    Would you rather: 

    1. run a mile with a cracked shinbone OR do 50 situps with a cracked tailbone?
    I've run with really bad shinsplints before and I know that they suck bigtime, but I've also felt the pain of horrible pain in the tailbone after a bad fall and 50 situps with even worse pain from a cracked tailbone would wipe me out completely. A mile isn't very far at all. I'll take the mile.

    2. be stuck beside somebody with horrible body odor on a crowded subway car for 10 stops OR against someone with an obvious erection on a long elevator ride?
    It's called breathing with your mouth open, baby. 

    3. feed your children by regurgitation OR have to lick them to bathe them?
    Okay, both of these sound disgusting, but licking to bathe would make me regurgitate anyway, and I'd end up doing both, and no bathing would be accomplished... I'm just saying. 

    4. while still living, get a glimpse of heaven OR hell?
    I don't know why. Just morbid curiosity?

    Tuesday is Chooseday


    Today's Question for Hutch: I know that we haven't finished up with yesterday's yet, but this is an easy one that you can answer in conjunction with yesterday's. Since I'm getting together with the Graystreet gal tomorrow for movie day and we are discussing her class reunion, is there anyone that you want me to ask about? Get out your yearbook and flip through it... I don't know if they invited teachers or have any info, but I'll ask!

    (Question for Hutch is a daily segment where I ask an old school chum of a mine a question - in order to continue conversating with her, just because I like to chat with mah friend!)

    For Bernie and his Incredible Remission!

    Because that deserves a really great run and today was hot, but fun. Well... it was a long one. And it earned me a new duck! I've got a long way to go if I'm going to make it to 200 by the end of the month, which is where I wanted to be, but if I keep going like this, I can do it. No pressure, but it would be cool. We're so thrilled by Bernie and Barb's news! We're celebrating with you guys!
    Today's miles: 5.4
    Total so far: 153.5
    Still to go for goal: 346.5
    So today I ran the old route in the old hometown. I use to run this route back in the old days when I moved home from Colorado. My folks lived in a different house then, out by this old route. And the road I ran out was a lot quieter and had a lot fewer houses on it. Things change. The road I ran out had some other history, too.
    It was the road that back in, oh 1982 or so, I totalled my Dad's prize Cougar. It was so pretty - midnight blue metallic and fawn, two doors - it was sweet. I was going around a blind curve on dry roads and another car came around from the other direction on my side of the road so I swung wide to miss him and headed straight for the supports of the railroad bridge. Being the young driver I was (I'd had my license prolly less than a year at that point), I cut back too sharp and shot toward the other side of the road and then cut back again, swerving out of control. About that time the left rear of the car slammed into the far curb snapping the rear axel before I shot back across the road and up an embankment. The other driver never saw any of it happen, he just obliviously kept going. As I sat there stunned but unhurt, three other cars drove by looking at me sitting there in the road where the car had rolled back down and thinking to myself that I was a dead duck. Finally a guy stopped and gave me some help. But Dad's car was history. And my brother (the favorite son) will never let me live it down. *sigh*

    I used to run this road with my buddy, Lynn. Wish I could run with her again. Haven't managed to connect with her on the whole running thing, though. We had a pretty well-matched pace back then. I think it would be fun to try that again. Especially on the old routes.

    Movie day with my Gray Street Buddy tomorrow. Get to hear the updates on her class reunion. She was part of the class after mine (my ex's class, too) because she is younger than me. She never lets me live that down, either. :-)

    Mud Pie...

    When I was a kid and we had any power shopping to do, my mom used to take me to this mall (can't remember which) and at lunch we headed to a restaurant in the mall that I believe was called the Walrus and the Carpenter. I don't remember anything about my meals at this place, they were your average meal for a kid... But what I always looked forward to and what made the pain of shopping so much more bearable was the dessert. They had a Mississippi Mud Pie that would make a little girl sit through agonizing waits outside the fitting room door for...

    Deep dark chocolate cookie crust, a coffee ice cream layer, a rich fudge layer... It was heavenly to this kid...

    So the other day I'm in the grocery store picking up the things for the cheese cake I'm going to make - you know, the recipe I found over at Stacey and Bill's
    kitchen blog... And while walking past the freezer, I found Starbucks Coffee brand, Mud Pie ice cream. Well, of course I had to buy it. I just had a little dish this afternoon to try it out.

    It tastes just like that old pie from the Walrus and the Carpenter restaurant. Like a little slice of childhood in a dish.

    Back on Top!

    Go Lance! He's almost there... I so want to see him win this thing! Posted by Hello

    Title Me This...

    I finished mowing the grass this morning out in the sticky, humid heat.

    Now I'm going to spend some time updating the old blog entries getting photos that were on angelfire out on Picasa where they belong so I don't have things triggering that nasty message when people go surfing in the archives.

    I had an interesting visit to the blog yesterday from the gov'mint. Statistical reporting is fascinating and frightening all at once.

    Hope things cool down after the rains come through. Okay - hope the rains come through in a bit to cool things down.

    I'd like to go out for a nice long run again this afternoon. It was fun running a totally different route through the old hometown yesterday and today I'm thinking a really old run through the old hometown would be even more fun. I was running about 15 or so years ago when I first moved back from Colorado and used to run a pretty predictable route. After driving it last week on my way to my all-star nephew's baseball game, I realized that route isn't so predictable anymore and think it might be fun to run it once for old time's sake.

    Okay. Off to work in the archives. And it's Tuesday. I haven't answered TJ's questions for a long time. Maybe I'll slap them up here for fun later, too. We'll see.



    I so enjoyed conversing with Hutch over the past couple of days in the comments that I think each day I shall have one post devoted to a Question for Hutch...

    Who knows what I'll ask? But it'll be just for you Hutch.

    Here's today's Question for Hutch: Not to get too detailed here (or in your answer), but after the FF dance, we headed up on the hill to UB for food and beverages and then to WP. On the way to WP we walked past the place you and I first met, right? And my memory says we also went across the cartwheeling place and at that point something happened which stressed us out... Has my memory simply embellished and so you have no idea what I am talking about???

    I ask this question because I'm seriously beginning to doubt my memory on this point and am wondering if I've made that whole incident up. If you don't know what I'm talking about, next time we do lunch, we need to talk about the FF dance so you can tell me what did happen that night! :) Or e-mail me. Soon. I'm getting old. I dreamed about JW the other night. He was a doctor. *cough*

    For Paul N...

    Today's run was for Paul N, brother to Danny, who just passed away. He has throat cancer so I'm adding him to my inspiration list immediately.
    Today's miles: 4.2
    Total so far: 148.1
    Still to go for goal: 351.9

    We also learned today that another person on the inspiration list, Bernie O, is in remission! This is miraculous! I am not usually a pessimistic person, but I did not expect to hear good news today when I saw his wife for the first time in months. There was some serious snoopy dancing going on when we heard... 

    (yahoo! Looks like I'll be able to add another 10th of the way duckie after my next run - only have to go another 1.9 miles for that!)    

    It's a Slippery Slope...

    We all joke around here about how there are basically two seasons - winter and construction... You are either dealing with driving in snow and ice and the lousy roads that those cause or else you have to deal with road construction and traffic problems caused by that and all of the rerouting going on.
    Well, if that wasn't bad enough, last weekend it was mayfly season! wtf?



    Hey Dad! Look what I had working this evening!!! AND how clean and shiny??? 
    But might I ask whatever possessed you to hook up that damn switch in the seat again???

    Posted by Hello

    Luckily when I did start to get out of my seat so I could attach the bungie to the grass chute I was moving slowly and carefully and sat back down really fast when the blades began to falter. Then I drove back up to the house, stuck my DEET covered fingers in my mouth and whistled. LOUD. 'Cuz I've got big brothers and learned that cool trick when I was a kid and I'm cool like that.
    Keith heard me and came running outside to figure out what was going on. I had him hook up the bungie and get me my cell phone in case I had any incidents (like getting stuck) in which he'd have to come out and help me so I could call the house since I wouldn't be able to get off the tractor and push myself out.
    And it was a totally successful mow! Aside from the push mowing which I'll have to do when I get back tomorrow, I'm done! It didn't quit on me at all. I didn't get stuck once and I never accidently hit the reverse pedal. Yahoo!
    And Kathy, the drink of choice in MY cup holder happens to be 40% DEET. heh. Take that suckers.

    A Day in Review

    Just returned from much driving again. Had to run Mom to the airport where she was jetting off to Dallas in a spur of the moment decision to visit a friend in need after the death of one of Mom's high school classmates (who also happened to be the friend's husband). She was on the phone with Carolyn (her friend) and Carolyn simply asked, "Will you please come?" Mom checked on flights and decided to go for it.
    My whole family was saddened to hear of Dan's death. He was a great guy - funny, opinionated, generous and loving. RIP Waldo. We'll miss you.
    After the airport I brought Dad back home, stopped in the old hometown for gas and a carwash and the streets were crowded with people visiting the Music and Arts Festival so I thought, "Why not?" I wandered around for a little while stopping at all of the art booths. I avoided all of the greasy food booths even though the mini-donuts smelled divine.
    From there I stopped at the cemetary where I realized I hadn't visited since my grandmother's funeral 18 months ago. Dad had just been there watering flowers I noticed. He said he was heading that way. I offered but he said it would give him something to do.
    Then it was off to the grocery store where I picked up everything I needed for this. I'm going to make it next weekend and if it turns out okay (yes a test run), I'll make it again the following weekend for Kel's homecoming. And then we'll all drop over from the extra cholesterol. :-)
    Things are starting to cool off and now that I know I have to get Keith to a dentist appointment tomorrow morning and then to his apartment instead of having the whole day for mowing, I think I might go get some of that done now. You know, if the mower works and all that. *cough*
    Gonna run today, Ker? Well, duh. Later.

    Looking for a Little More Luck...

    The other day when dad was over for tractor maintenance and repair, we ended the day in worse shape than we started with there being no connection whatsoever to the mower blades. We couldn't get them to make any sort of firing at all in the switch when we had finally found the electrical component where that was happening.

    He sent me home with a package of fuses yesterday and we crossed our fingers. I told him I'd give him a call and let him know the results. A clicking in the switch when I pull up on the reverse pedal would mean we were at least back to square one (phew!) and that would be exciting news.

    I got home and had groceries to put away and a few other things to take care of, but a few hours later, I was finally able to go out and put the new fuse in and give it a shot. CLICK. Much rejoicing and snoopy dancing in the garage was observed by all daughters present...

    I called Dad with the message, "We have clicking, we're back to square one!" and let him know that I was confident that I would be out there mowing on Monday. We'll see. I'll need as much luck as Kathy is looking for today.


    Go Lance!

    Can't wait to see today's results!
    Busy day yesterday. I'd worked so hard around the house the day before that I decided to head off to a movie but that was after meeting Marge for our typical Friday morning writing date (this week at Cafe la Poste).
    I also did some errands in the old home town, including a stop at Wally World where I saw an old classmate of mine. It's funny. I had just been quizzing myself with my senior yearbook the night before during one insomnia attacks. (I scored about 35% on trying to put a first and last name to the photos of the faces in my own class - pathetic memory that I have; we had what, Hutch - 180 in our class? or were there fewer... I'd count them but I'm lazy, she'll prolly remember). I went through the class three or four times with the quiz improving only slightly each time. But I thought that at least if I ran into people after that, I'd maybe have a better chance of knowing who they were.
    Wrong. I saw her, knew I graduated with her, knew she hadn't changed (other than looking a little older, maybe more tired), came up with what I thought was her first name and blanked on the rest. Couldn't for my life come up with the rest. She glanced at me a couple of times as we stood in line and didn't even seem to have an ounce of recognition, so I don't feel too bad, but still.
    I checked the yearbook later. I did have the first name right. 1/2 point.
    After the movie the folks took me to dinner at Green Mill. This is owned by another grad of my class. I already knew this going into the situation, though. So when I saw him there later (looking great, I might add for other classmates who might be reading), it wasn't even a test of braincells to come up with his name. He was deep in conversation with people at the bar, though. I didn't get a chance to test his own memory with a hello from me. Too bad. It would have been kind of fun. I like this game.

    I hear another classmate I haven't seen in over 15 (maybe 20, I can't recall if he made it to the 5 year reunion) years is coming to town near the end of the month. I'd like to arrange a bumping into to test his memory, too. But I'm afraid the joke would be on me and I wouldn't recognize him...


    For Mylette Simone

    I ran today for Mylette Simone. She is one of Dana's requested inspirations. In fact, Dana just posted some lovely photos of Mylette a couple of days ago out on her blog, Think Pink. You should go see them! You know, Miss Dana is quite an inspiration herself...
    Today's miles: 3.0
    Total so far: 143.9
    Still to go for goal: 356.1

    I didn't do any movie watching today during my run, so I'll have to postpone "What is Keri Watching?" at least one more day. Sorry about that. Hopefully somebody was amused by the choices meme...

    Blogger has made more changes. I can't keep up! I want a new design. I'm so fickle.

    Just a little cake to tell you Happy Birthday Big Brother! Hope you are having a fabulous day and getting a little bit of golf in on this lovely sunshiny Thursday... Love you! Posted by Hello

    Because it's Thursday?

    AND I have not yet prepared my photo for What's Keri Watching (stay tuned), I'm tossing this little meme first found at Dave's this morning. (This meme came originally from a site called The Thinklings: The Nexus of the Intellectual Universe...)

    The Rules: Pick one or the other. "Both" is not an acceptable answer; this is a gun to the head scenario. "Neither" is only acceptable if you have no information on either choice or don't understand the options. As always, feel free to provide reasons for your choices.

    1. Tea: Hot or Iced - It's summer and it's a hot one today so I'll have iced, thanks.
    2. Spider-Man or Superman - But I'm a child of the movies here. I was never keen on Mr. Reeves' Superman. Give me handsome Tobey Maquire anyday of the week.
    3. John Lennon or Paul McCartney - George Harrison. :) Okay, okay. That wasn't the question. John Lennon of the two.
    4. The Beatles or The Rolling Stones - The Beatles. But I do get a kick out of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards.
    5. Newsweek or TIME or U.S. News and World Report - None of the above. I don't read any of them.
    6. DJ Jazzy Jeff or The Fresh Prince - The Fresh Prince. I love Will Smith.
    7. Dostoevsky or Tolstoy
    8. Horses or Cows - I'm from Wisconsin, what else am I going to say? ;-)
    9. Lemons or Limes - I love me some lemon meringue pie. I've always wanted to try key lime, but lemon meringue is constantly calling me when I have the opportunity so I never try it...
    10. Catwoman: Julie Newmar or Eartha Kitt - Could there BE another Catwoman? Who IS Julie Newmar? ;)
    11. Wallpaper or Paint - I actually hate wallpaper but love the look of a fresh coat of paint in various colors.
    12. Radiohead or Coldplay
    13. Conan O’Brien or Craig Kilborn - neither. I haven't seen late night TV since Letterman changed networks.
    14. Widescreen or Full Screen - for a long time I resisted thinking there was no difference other than an annoying black space, but then I did a comparison between our widescreen DVD of Bridget Jones and our VHS and realized the subtle things we were missing out on.
    15. Red or Blue
    16. Salsa: Hot or Mild - not a salsa person, I hate chunks of onions and other unknowns in my food; I'm weird that way.
    17. Peanuts or Pecans - wait, which ones are pecans again? do I like those? peanuts I think.
    18. “America the Beautiful” or “God Bless America”
    19. Lynrd Skynrd or Neil Young - but only in small doses and with CSN
    20. Checks or Cash - I've gotten lazy since the invention of the chextra cards, I hate writing out checks.
    21. Paper or Plastic - but give me paper only if it has handles. Otherwise I'll try and remember my own cloth bags. And I usually try to remember them anyway.
    22. Golf or Tennis - table tennis, that is. :)
    23. Flowers or Candy - are you kidding me?
    24. Howard the Duck or Ishtar - shoot me now. neither! At least I can say I've never seen either of them!
    25. Hall or Oates - um, neither.
    26. Captain or Tenille - I had a serious crush on the captain when I was about 8. He was so cute!
    27. In a chick’s hair: Clippies or Scrunchies - a chick's? Anyway, I wear my hair short. Scrunchies suck. Clippies? Who calls them clippies? Chicks maybe. My answer is neither.
    28. Fannypacks or Spandex Biking Shorts - heh.
    29. Science Fiction or Fantasy - tough call that.
    30. Jason Seaver or Steven Keaton - give me Michael Gross's grown-up flower child dad over Alan Thicke's character any day.
    31. Mike Seaver or Alex P. Keaton - this one is tougher but I love Michael J. Fox and his uptight characters contrast with his parents.
    32. Rainbow Brite or Strawberry Shortcake - who?
    33. G.I. Joe or Transformers
    34. Dawson or Pacey - wha?
    35. Sunny skies or Rainy day - Sunny skies. Definitely.


    For Cecilia Ledevehat...

    Today I ran (finally) for the family of Cecilia Ledevehat. I can't believe it took me this long. I should have had a calendar sitting right beside my computer to write down who I was going to run for when so that I would keep track of everything properly. Miss Trudi asked me to run for Cecilia's family back in May. She was the mother of one of Trudi's oldest and dearest friends and she has passed away the morning that Trudi asked me. I'm only a couple of months late Trudles. But here is your run, sweetie!

    Today's miles: 5.5
    Total so far: 140.9
    Still to go for goal: 359.1

    I finished watching Road to Perdition and started watching something else. I'm not going to tell you what, though. Because tomorrow I'll snap a photo and put it up for What is Keri Watching??? I'm having trouble posting today, though. If I get any posts to go through, we'll all get to play.

    Maybe I'll see you soon.

    Excitement! I just saw the brilliant flash of a scarlet tanager go flying by my office window. Haven't seen one of those all summer!

    Off to the showers now. And to find the Tums. I had to finish off the yogurt with one more bowl of grapenuts and yogurt his afternoon before my run as I hadn't had brekkie before Dad came by to work on the tractor. Besides, there were all sorts of ripe black raspberries alongside the driveway that I picked as I waved goodbye to him that were just crying out for a yogurt/grapenuts parfait...

    Then I'm going to go return mom's vase to her. I filled it up with all sorts of beautiful hydrangia from my garden... Shhh. Don't anybody tell her. I want to surprise her.

    Mmmmm Mocha...

    No mocha tastes better than one given by friends unexpectedly...

    I had a venti mocha frappuccino with whipped cream because it was such a nice day outside!

    Mmmmm Mocha!

    Now I'm going to go finish watching Road to Perdition and do my run for today.

    Dad and I just spent a frustrating several hours with the tractor. Sorry, Dad... Hate to waste your afternoon like that. Hope your day improves.


    For the BT Warriors...

    Today's run was for Kathy, Anthony, Minnie's Sister, and Bruce. This is a group of BT Warriors, most of whom Keith knew through the BT Support group he met at the NBTF's online website and one that we met in Denver when we went to the conference out there a couple of years ago. A strong and wonderful group of warriors, all of them.

    Today's miles: 5.1
    Total so far: 135.4
    Still to go for goal: 364.6

    Started watching Road to Perdition today while I lurched along on Lurch. And Robert? You'll be happy to know I don't always run the entire thing. Today I bet I quickly walked about a third of the mileage.

    Now I'm going to shower and run some errands. I'm still trying to get a hold of some music to get in the mail for Kel, and I have some shopping and some play tickets to order and I could use a mocha. Mmmmmmm mocha...


    My all time favorite brekkie is Grapenuts and Old Home fat free vanilla yogurt.

    As Kel's furbie would say, "Yummmmmm..."

    But after three consecutive days of that for breakfast and even a late night snack last night of a tiny bowl before bed, I now remember why I'd stopped having it a few years back.

    I have the worst heartburn! Why is it the best tasting stuff has the worst effects on a person?

    Kudos to a great writer.

    Being so much younger than my brothers, going on car trips with them when we were kids had some of the usual challenges ("Give that back, it's mine!", "MOM, he's on my side of the seat", etc.) but wasn't as crazy as some carloads of siblings can be.

    Perhaps it was different with my two brothers being so close in age when they were young. All I know is, Kira has three boys, close together, and she has a serious gift for writing about their life. She's written another classic today (or rather, last night) and if you haven't read it yet, go there now.

    I haven't played along for Buzz's Blog it Forward lately, so here's my contribution to his great idea.

    More late night mileage...

    I watched Stolen Summer while I ran, the first Project Greenlight contest winner for those of you who may have followed that documentary.

    Saw my sports star nephew Ben play baseball tonight, too. His team didn't win their first playoff game, but not for lack of trying.

    Today's miles: 4.25
    Total so far: 130.3
    Still to go for goal: 369.7

    Dad is coming early tomorrow to work with me on the mower. I went over and picked up the ramps tonight so we could pull it up and do the cleaning out without removing the mower deck if we want to. We'll see how that goes.

    Now I'm heading to bed so I can get up in the morning... I stayed up late on a phone call with Kel and then trying to finish reading House of Sand and Fog last night and didn't notice my watch had stopped running until I reached to turn the light off at what I thought was a little past two and saw my clock on the nightstand. I was shocked to see that it read 3:30. Oops. Must have more sleep...

    Damn. Looking at my watch right now with the new battery I thought I was getting a jump on that sleep tonight. I thought it was 11:20. Here it is 12:47 already. Rats. Morning will come more quickly than I'd hoped.


    Fun in the Sun...

    We had a fantastic family get together Saturday (missing a couple of people with Keli in Colorado and Benjamin golfing and Cory working - I think) at my oldest (soon to be even older) brother's house. We headed there for a BBQ and volleyball! If I don't look dressed for volleyball in the photos, it's because I wasn't expecting it. I only heard barbeque in the invitation and I simply decided to dress for an afternoon of lounging about on the deck with a drink in my hand. I can't help it if I had to jump into the middle of things when I heard the siren call of my beautiful nieces!

    Here are the grandkids and kids with grandpop...  Posted by Hello

    As you can see, everybody soon got into the act. A few of us took a tumble during the game. That's how competitive it was! Posted by Hello

    We went from regular Vball rules to "no rules" to "no bouncing off the ground" and adding a "no double hits" back to "no rules". We didn't score the game after the first six or so points as people dropped in and out of the game. And David, who just got the cast taken off his broken hand the day before (well, his now mended hand), used his noggin to return and serve the ball when it was in his area and managed to score several points for our team... yeah Dave!

    Yes, we were working hard in the sun to make points - even though we weren't keeping score. Posted by Hello

    And the between-play commentary across the net was also a little competitive... There was distracting dancing and joking around going on. Certain young ladies have the hardest time serving when they are giggling...  Posted by Hello

    The five of us haven't sat together for a family photo for a long time. Every girl needs some big brothers around when she's growing up.  Posted by Hello

    Life is never boring when my family is together. Posted by Hello

    I spoke with Kel on the phone while I was putting this post together. She called around midnight and asked what I was doing. I said blogging. She asked what I was blogging about and I told her that I was putting together the photos of our time together up at her Uncle's house and she said, "Oh, did you go there for the Fourth of July?"

    I said, "No, we were just invited up yesterday for a barbeque and some volleyball."

    She was quite put out. Wondered why we couldn't have done that while she was home. "Oh sure, you all get together for fun when I'm not there."

    I told her not to worry, there would be pictures for her when she got back. :) Hopefully we can do it again in August before the kids are back in school (she says sheepishly inviting the whole family back up to her brother's house...)


    Quiz addy...

    First seen at Natalie's place...

    Here you go, if you're interested! The address of the personality quiz I posted about last night.


    Candle Burning at Both Ends...

    I took one of those online personality tests today. The title of this post is my result... I'm a Wacky Emotional Constructive Follower - otherwise known as the Candle Burning at Both Ends. Here's what it said about how I answered it:

    You are a WECF--Wacky Emotional Constructive Follower. This makes you a candle burning at both ends. You work until you drop, and you play until you can stand to work again. You have so much enthusiasm that you can find it hard to control on your own, and you appreciate the guidance that channels your energy and lets you be your best.

    In a relationship, you require lots of attention and support. You often over-contribute and end up feeling depleted and cheated. You may benefit from more time alone than you grant yourself.

    Your driving force is the emotional support of others--especially affection. You can run on empty for miles if you have positive energy behind you. Without it--as it occasionally must run dry--you are depressive, listless, and difficult to motivate.

    You need a lot of affection. Get it any way you can, but never at the cost of your self-respect or well-being.
    Sometimes these things are scary.

    Today's miles: 3.07
    Total so far: 125.8
    Still to go for goal: 374.2

    The Secret...

    to successfully mowing my grass: Never put the tractor in reverse. Never. If for some reason you have to back up, get off the mower, put it out of transmission and push or pull the damn thing backwards. Do NOT for any reason put it in reverse. And NEVER stop the mower blades once you have them going.

    Unless you are my father. Because he has the magic touch.

    Magic touch man... Posted by Hello

    Angels Among Us...

    That total for our Relay just keeps going up. Our team received a donation last night over plates of pie at a friend's house from a friend whose darling wife passed just before the '03 Relay (and goodness do we miss her and her giggle), a former co-worker mailed hers last week, and angels sent incredible love via FedEx just this morning...

    Love is so big.

    Drumroll. My new total - $2,340! Thank you angels!
    Keith's Brain Trust's new total - Over $5500 (we don't have an exact total because of the silent auction the night of the Relay, and the Dude contest)...