This and that, redux... again...

I was having an odd half awake/half asleep dream this morning in the midst of my coughing attacks about someone named Charlie Korzo(?) and the fact that he was dead. When I woke up the name seemed vaguely familar as an actor so I jumped on trusty IMDB and looked him up. Closest I came was Charlie Korsmo, who as I knew him, played Jack in Hook (great Robin Williams movie, btw, and Dustin Hoffman as Hook makes me laugh every time).

Charlie isn't dead, but he also isn't acting anymore. Maybe that's what the dream was about... the death of his acting career?

According to IMDB,

"He currently serves as Deputy Domestic Policy Analyst for the House Republican Policy Committee of the U. S. House of Representatives."

and he only got involved in acting because he was bored in elementary school. So we may not see Charlie in any more movies. His acting wasn't that outstanding anyway. He was a cute little kid, though.

Speaking of the death of performers, what do you think of this? Kind of funny, eh? He said that if his death was all just another of his jokes, he'd be back in 20 years... I notice there hasn't been a post since the 20th. Has the joke ended? Did he go back into hiding? Is he too busy with the tour? Or did one of the non-believers catch up with him? Curiouser and curiouser...


Tenth of the way duckie! A little fancier than the old one, but I needed to use a jpg... Posted by Hello

For Lloyd...

Today I ran for Joy's running request, Lloyd.

Today's miles: 4.0
Total so far: 52.59
Still to go for goal: 447.41

And look! Over 50 miles (finally!), so I'll be able to add my first duck (of the return trip)... hmm. This new method of adding photos is kinda weird. I see how to add them to the posts, but I'm not quite sure how to get them stuck on my template so they are out there all the time. Will have to think about this for a bit. The other problem is that the ducks aren't jpg files. This new method can only add jpgs. Yep. Going to have to think about this one for a while. That's the other reason I haven't put the Relay for Life logo back on the blog. It isn't a jpg. Hmmm...


For Vernon...

I ran for Vernon and Colleen's whole family today. I hope the surgery went well and the results they get from the pathologists give them a clear direction of action.

Today's miles: 4.0
Total so far: 48.59
Still to go for goal: 451.41

Aside from that I don't have a whole lot to say today other than, I feel like crap. My cold is still very much in my head, but it is sharing time with the cough in my chest now too. And since I'm coughing so much my throat feels like it is ready to rip apart each time a new attack hits me.

And as night comes on, my sinuses are beginning to really pound for some reason - but only on the left side. They hurt so bad my teeth ache. I've never been able to say that before.

Finished sharing the movie Speed with Keli today after school before she dashed off to other parts with the ex and his family. What's that you say? Totally unbelievable movie with a cheesy ending? Well, yes. But come on, it's Keanu! Huh? He can't act? Who said that??? Besides... do we care?!

Taking my pathetically whiny self to bed now. Sleep. Plenty of fluids. Is it feed a cold and starve a fever, or starve a cold and feed a fever?

Prayers needed...

Diva-Sistah Colleen's Dad is in surgery today. Please send your best thoughts into the universe! Pray hard that his surgery goes well. They are removing the larger brain tumor today and sending it off to pathology. She let me know last night that there have been spots found on his lungs, kidneys and liver... Let's get the prayer chains going!

More hugs for you Colleen!

Vernon will be my run inspiration today!



Nobody has a guess on the movie I was watching in the photo from yesterday? And here I thought I had a new game to play with ya'll...

"What's Keri watching?" I thought I could post a weekly photo of me on Lurch with a movie playing and see who could guess the correct movie. Not that I'd have any sort of prize...

I thought that was kind of an easy one, too...


One for the Record Books...

Marge and I actually had a real conversation tonight! I didn't have to talk to just her ghost on IM! It was very exciting...

Just a sample of our thrilling reparte'...

KinnicChick: is this you?
Marge: It's me! It's me! I'm not a ghost!
KinnicChick: Wow... this is amazing!

KinnicChick: I picked up t-shirts tonight at the Relay meeting. I'll try and remember to bring yours tomorrow.
KinnicChick: *tying string around finger*
Marge: OK! I have been very awful and not collected a cent yet, but I will, I promise!

KinnicChick: remind me to ask you tomorrow if you want to work at the hot dog stand at all... you could make some there if you do. if you already know you can just tell me now, though.
Marge: We can look at dates. My weekends between now and closing are pretty tied up with garage sale, daughter surgery, pack & move garbage...
KinnicChick: Yar... I figured that. Just thought I would ask to make sure since many are getting their money from this I wanted you to have that opportunity, too.
Marge: Saleswoman I ain't. Hot dog fan I ain't neither. I do like one or two a summer if they're grilled, though. Are you going to be selling soy dogs?
KinnicChick: Nope. Mom said we could, but I don't want to mess with one more thing. If anybody requests them, I might run into the store and get some or maybe just have some in a cooler on hand or something. I don't know. I've definitely thought of it.
Marge: I thought I was being cute!
KinnicChick: I'm not much of a saleswoman, either. I figure to be a gopher running into the store for more supplies when we need them, etc...
Ha! Little did you know that THIS veggie woman had already been down that road!
KinnicChick: Agonizing over the decision!
Marge: I'll bet! Who's brainstorm was it?
KinnicChick: The soydogs?
Marge: yes
Marge: no, the hot dog sales!
KinnicChick: I thought of it immediately. Then Keith mentioned it before I verbalized. Then Keli brought it up...
KinnicChick: hehehe
KinnicChick: Jan brought up the hot dog sales when we were sitting at our garage sales last year with no customers.
Marge: I've had turkey dogs. They're good. Don't believe I've ever had a soy dog. EEK! Don't say "garage sale" and "no sales" in the same sentence!
KinnicChick: You'll do fine. S_______ is much busier for sales than we were.

KinnicChick: We're still looking for a Dude, too. Thought we might have snared one, but he's sounding like he already has cold feet.
KinnicChick: He's going to get back to me by the end of the week and let me know.
Marge: You'll probably never get as "game" a chick as last year!!!

KinnicChick: Well, I'd better get back to editing. I have to leave to go get her in about 15 minutes. I'll see you in the morning, eh? It's been fun actually talking to you and having you actually talk back!
Marge: yes indeed. I'm much more conversant than my ghost. See you in the morning

Hurray for really catching her online!

Bombshell quiz...

Kim found a fun new quiz I had to try. Go try it yourself. Hey Dad... who's your inner bombshell? :)

WORSHIP! You're inner Bombshell is the beautiful
Audrey Hepburn. Like her you've been blessed
with a "certain something" that no
one could describe accurately. You are more
reserved than other bombshells, and that shows
in your gentle, graceful nature. You like doing
things for other people and love volunteering
for your favorite charity. Yours is a rare gift
in this day and age. You don't need to show a
lot of skin to be sexy, all you need is your
eyes. To see Audrey at the top of her game
watch the movie "Breakfast at

Who is your inner bombshell?
brought to you by Quizilla

For Bob...

Ran today for Bob Dietz, another request from Hutch.

Today's miles: 3.5
Total so far: 44.59
Still to go for goal: 455.41

Lurch and I... Because it's where most of my miles come from. Posted by Hello

Got a photo, as you can see, of Lurch and I, as per Dad. Can you guess the movie?

It was a gorgeous day for running outside today, except for the wind. I didn't think I should battle the wind with this new cold, so I stuck out the short miles indoors. I felt a little feverish by the time I was done as it was. Whine whine whine.

Enjoy your day.

Brown flamingo?

A new flamingo? Not very pink... Posted by Hello

Huh. I'm finally figuring out why the smaller pink flamingos are falling over in the front yard. I had suspected squirrels. (you can click on the image to make it bigger... it isn't very clear I'm afraid - maybe I'll get a better one someday)

Just call me toad

My mother had to ask who she was speaking to when she called this morning... verify that it was really me when I answered the phone. I sound like a toad. This delightful cold thing did truly materialize. It's all in my head, but not in that way. I mean it's in my sinuses and my throat. Like anyone needs to know this! I'm drinking my tea. It will help soothe and make my throat feel sound better. I've gotta get back to taking my vitamins and minerals!

Watched Pulp Fiction last night. I saw it once before in theaters with a group of people from work when we went out in the middle of the afternoon for an outing to celebrate the end of a big project. Wow. I remember at the time being surprised by it for various reasons and watching it last night, I was really surprised by how much of it I'd forgotten. It was as if I'd never seen it before there was so much I couldn't remember. I remembered three distinct scenes and the whole remainder of the movie was pretty much brand new to me... I remembered the dance scene with John and Uma (but that was in all the trailers, so who wouldn't remember that?), I remembered the diner hold up (where it began and ended), and Uma's bad drug scene (who could forget?). It had been ten years, but still!

Dad thinks that because the vast majority of my miles have been done on Lurch, that I should have a photo of me lurching on Lurch posted. So I'll be posting one of those soon. I disagreed, but then thought of a way to take one that I'd probably like. :)

Okay. Enough rambling on varying topics. I have stuff to do. Including a run. Going to get to it. Enjoy your day. We actually have sunshine today - real blue skies without a serious cloud cover. It's still cold, but at least it's pretty.


For Virginia...

Ran for Hutch request Virginia Dietz today.

Finished watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.

Today's miles: 3.0
Total so far: 41.09
Still to go for goal: 458.91

All of this very cold and then really warm weather has me coming down with the crud. My throat is starting to feel tickly and my body is trying to get me to cough but with the Claritin-D, it doesn't want to. I know that makes no sense, but... that's how it feels.

Did a LOT of driving today. Picked Keith up at his place, took him to an appointment on the opposite side of the cities from where he stays during the week and then back to his place again before coming back home. And now that it is spring, that means the REAL other season of the year has begun in Minnesota/Wisconsin... Road Construction season. You can pretty much double your drive times when travelling around the cities these days.

Got home and wrassled with the push mower for a while since Dad was over. I swear he has the magic touch. He had no trouble getting the blades started on the tractor. Explain that to me. And they worked for me while he was here, too. But if I wanted to run them tomorrow of some reason, I bet they wouldn't work. Small comfort was that he couldn't get the push mower started either. That wasn't just me.

Heads up!

I've had a busy couple of days but I just wanted all of my fabulous supporters to know that if you have at any time during the course of the 500-mile Run to Nowhere given me a donation via Paypal, snail mail or in person, you will be receiving a thank you note in the next few days (relatively few) either in the mail if I have your snail addy, or via e-mail if I do not.

Now, here's the important part... If you do not receive a thank you and you donated to my Relay for Life run, something happened and I do not know about that donation - ie, did not receive it - so please, contact me so we can figure out what happened!

Along with those simple notes? I'm sending out a lotta love because you are all the greatest bunch of folks I know!

Okay. I'm off to lurch along on Lurch now. Hang with me over the next few weeks through the Relay when I'll be announcing how much ya'll helped me raise! (and then hang with me through the end of the year while I finish returning from Nowhere!)


For Carl...

Today I ran for Carl Dietz, a running request from Hutch.

Thanks Keri. It's nice to have my grandpa remembered. He died 20 years ago from what I believe was bone cancer. It was in his hip.

And for my entertainment on the run? Harry Potter, Year 1. Watching Years one and two again in preparation for Year Three, coming soon to theaters near you. Can't wait!

Today's miles: 4.3
Total so far: 38.09
Still to go for goal: 461.91

We have the big team meeting this afternoon. Of the fourteen on the team, I'm counting eleven that will be in attendence. Not bad! We will be filling out the schedule for who will be on the track when during the Relay, who will be working at the hot dog stand next weekend when, and answering questions if anybody has any. I had hoped that some of the kids could work on luminarias, but I guess those haven't arrived at County Market yet.

I had one of "those nights" last night. Don't know where it came from. All I know is that I had to pick Kel up at a party at midnight and when usually I'm dragging and having a hard time keeping myself awake for that duty, last night I was wide awake - wide awake... And at 3 am I was lying in bed blinking around at the dimly lit room wondering what the heck I was doing still wide awake. So I got back up. My mind was going a hundred miles an hour on fifty things so I got up and wrote some of it down. At 4 I went back to bed, did the old count backwards from 100 trying to relax into sleep and was still blinking up at the ceiling as the room began to grow light at 5:30. Wide awake. Around 6:15 I realized I was drifting. I drifted in and out until 8 when Keith got out of bed. And then again until 10. I feel fine now. Like I had a perfectly normal night's sleep, but we'll see how long that lasts.

I took Claritin D nondrowsy formula yesterday afternoon for the first time in years. Sudafed will keep me up all night. Maybe this had the same effect. But I have to admit, after taking it, I felt more normal health-wise than I have in about three weeks. I've been wandering around in a headachy and awful fog with a stiff neck, and such. I've been tired and just dragging. And in all that time I've taken regular Claritin. Without the D. I had to stop taking the D a while back because of my high blood pressure and other meds I was on. I've gotten the bp down and stopped the other meds, so... I felt really good again from one dose of Claritin D. Couldn't beat that. Going to stop and check my bp today and see if it had any impact because I want my allergies to be this in control.

Okay. Bored my loyal reader enough. Just commenting on my bizarre lack of sleep and possible cause thereof. Couldn't have possibly been the triple shot espresso mocha drank around noon (too early) or the two and a half tiny cups of green tea at dinner with my favorite Vietnamese food from Duc's around 6 (too little). Perhaps a combination, though... :)


Stolen from Kazoofus...

What is Your Destiny?
by Valcion
Date when you fufill your destinyJune 5, 2013
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

Mmmm, toast. With cinnamon and sugar. Others seen have had the destiny "Death by _______." Does that mean I'm going to die by toast? Or is mine different? Is my destiny to always have toast? I'm just confused by this... hmmmm...


Hurrah! I'm blogging the fact that I can now add photos to my blog again - and this time do it legally! Let's hear it for bloggerbot! Posted by Hello

For Ned...

I'm running today for Ned. Ned was a very dear friend of the Hutch family and he fought the cancer beast and lost just recently. I know they are still hurting and missing him.

Today's miles: 4.20
Total so far: 33.79
Still to go for goal: 466.21

The Brain Trust has a new team member! My Aunt Ev has decided to join us and as a survivor herself, we'll have another reason to be celebrating at this shindig. We're having a big team meeting this weekend to discuss plans for the all important fund-raising hot dog and bratwurst stand taking place in just another week and a half at the big County Market up in the old home town.

I wish I could invite the whole blogosphere so my team could be assured of making their required Relay entry fee at this event because we'll be up there cooking those delicacies and working out butts off asking only for donations. Wish us luck!

Hitting the shower now so I can head out to pick up the kid from Driver's Ed.


For Bobbie Jean...

We had a gorgeous morning around here - sunshine, breezy, around 70 degrees (f)... I guess the breezes were bringing in the storms that were expected for this evening. The clouds have arrived and I'm hearing rumors of drizzle in the outlying cities that is expected to move in a bit later. I haven't checked the radar but the radio tells me to expect possible large hail and damaging winds... same old song and dance of the springtime storms.

Today's miles were for Greg's sister, Bobbie Jean (see who Greg is here).

Today's miles: 4.06
Total so far: 29.59
Still to go for goal: 470.41

My resolve to attack the push mower once more yesterday after hearing neighbor Don on his never-fail tractor was a good one... I suppose it could have been the extra long cooling-off period and not just my stick-to-itiveness, but I got it started fairly quickly. I mowed that front yard so I could move the feeders back into place for the birds and get the flamingos back on parade. Then, with it still running, I hauled it up onto the wall in the dog-run (no stopping it this time, I wasn't risking it - rather, risking life and limb! LOL) and got that mowed.

From there, it was lowering it back into the dog run, push it out to the north side and mow that where I promptly ran into a metal decorative sunflower that sits on a slender metal post (usually) but at this moment was buried in the leaves. It stopped the blades (and motor) rather abruptly. I pulled it out from under the mower where it was jammed against the body making it impossible for me to try and pull the starter again. I still had a tiny bit of mowing to do before I wanted to quit for the day and was luckily able to start it right off. Poor sunflower was quite destroyed. Isn't it great to hear every little detail about my lawn mowing annoyances? It's fun for me!

Now it's off to the showers for me. Hope you are having a great Wednesday, oh loyal reader or two.



Nothing makes me feel like more of a girlie-girl than fighting with my lawn mowers and being stuck and unable to do the job. I had a good start. I worked in Bear's dog run for a while, cleaning up some of the foundation plantings that are there and realizing quickly that this wasn't the most important job to be doing. He definitely needed a place to pee by the smell of those plantings. So I got out the push mower. I checked the fuel tank and remembered as I did my helper saying he had topped it off the last time he was out visiting. It started on the second or third pull (rowr). I mowed in his kennel and just south of it.

Next it was time to pull the mower up onto the wall inside his kennel. I've done this enough times to know how dodgy that job is so I decided to cut the engine first and restart it once up there. Well guess what. I couldn't get the damn thing restarted. Checked the fuel... still had plenty. Tried again. No go. Took it back down on the flats as the top of the wall is a bit hilly - thus the need for the retainer... Tried again. No go. But hey. That's okay. There was still plenty of work to be done. I'll let the mower cool off for a while and get out the tractor and do the field and alongside the driveway.

The first worry with the tractor this season has been the battery. Would I have to jump start it? I haven't been doing it myself and haven't been taking notes when my helper has been around doing it with me. But it popped off on the first attempt.

I didn't head straight down to the field after I started it. We hadn't mowed the turnaround last week, so I thought I'd start there. Okay. I wasn't feeling terribly optimistic that the blades would go. And they didn't. No matter what I tried, I couldn't get them to pop off.

Days like this make me want to go inside and put on my bikini and grease up with baby oil and lie in the sun with a trashy romance novel and a tall, cool lemonade at my side on the hammock.

I don't need a lecture about the dangers of skin cancer. I'm not saying I'd DO that. I'm just saying that being whipped by my damn lawn mowers on a pretty much weekly basis makes me feel like a girlie-girl who can't accomplish squat sometimes. And as I sit here in my chair writing this the birds are screaming at me because I'm in their yard and I'm not getting my work done and I haven't put their feeders back up after moving them out of my way to mow. The nerve.

But that isn't the only noise around here. Oh no. Now I can hear the sound of neighbor Don's never-fail mower, too. Damn it.

Think I'll have another pull at the starter on that push mower. It has had quite a cool down.


For Lenny...

Today I'm running for Ditto's brother Lenny. Ditto is a very dear friend of mine with whom Kel and I crashed last summer when we did our Hippie Road Trip. Next run will be for her husband Greg's sister, Bobbie Jean. Both of their sibs are cancer survivors, Lenny from colon cancer, and Bobbie Jean from thyroid cancer.

Kel is still bragging about getting to drive the boat around the lake. Something she'll remember forever! We had a great time at their place.

Hugs to you Ditto. I'm missing you and Greg big time! Hope we can see you sometime this summer.

Huge congratulations to their daughter Anndrea who graduated from UCO on May 8! Way to go A! And hello to Nici! We miss your whole family so much!

Today's miles: 5.0
Total so far: 25.53
Still to go for goal: 474.47



I'm about to put out an APB on Hutch. Anybody seen her? She hasn't been around here for me to tell her about the awesomely cool Mother's Day present I got from my hubby...

A brand new, totally cool, Starsky & Hutch t-shirt, complete with 'the car' and everything.

Where ya been - girlfriend?

Heck, I'm so worried... I can't even run!

More test results...

I wasn't going to post the results of what book I am because I hate to just do these rather than writing all sorts of brilliant things to impress you all with, but this stuff was just hitting too close. I made Keith take the What Book are You and What Country are You tests... here are his results first, followed by my own book.

You're Les Miserables!

by Victor Hugo

One of the best known people in your community, you have become something of a phenomenon. People have sung about you, danced in your honor, created all manner of art in your name. And yet your story is one of failure and despair, with a few brief exceptions. A hopeless romantic, you'll never stop hoping that more good will come from your failings than is ever possible. Beware detectives and prison guards bearing vendettas.

Take the Book Quiz at the Blue Pyramid.

Okay. Even more frightening??? Here's what country Keith is... He's still walking around muttering "That is WEIRD!"

You're Bosnia-Herzegovina!

You've just been through a big tragedy.  You weren't sure you were going to make it at all.  Now that you have, there's a lot to pick back up in your life, and not enough people are helping you.  You just wanted a little more freedom, a chance to be away from those who thought poorly of you.  Now it's time to build up some confidence, and it looks like you have a good chance at that.  But you'll need a lot of therapy.
Take the Country Quiz at the Blue Pyramid.

And finally, my book results...

You're "Master Harold"... and the Boys!

by Athol Fugard

Even though you should have realized it for years, you're only just starting to understand how bad your society is. It's been keeping some of your best friends down for ages, and even you have been complicit with this system. When you make a mess, someone else is quick to clean it. When you need help, someone else is quick to your rescue. But when they point out injustice, you've pulled the wool over your eyes. Until now. If you ever need a cast, it will be small.

Take the Book Quiz at the Blue Pyramid.

Stacey's BC Journal

Readers who've followed my journey since the early days will remember one of the first inspirations. My friend Trudi introduced us to Stacey, a battler of breast cancer. She has begun to write a journal about her battle that is being published on Trudi's e-zine, Emerging Women Writers. Here is her first entry!


For Michael Billet...

Running today for another new addition to the survivors list, Michael Billet. He was the special musical guest at the David Bailey concert the other night and he was fantastic... I spoke about him in my post about the concert here.

Today's miles: 5.25
Total so far: 20.53
Still to go for goal: 479.47

Another rainy, gloomy day in Nowhere land. Hope I get back sooner than later at this rate. We have low forties for temps today. Watched Poolhall Junkies last night. Not enough Christopher Walken, but loved seeing grown up Rick Schroeder. Always enjoy Chazz Palminteri and thought newcomer (for me) Mars Martin was good. The movie was fun if you like to watch pool shooting and seeing cons.

A quiz...

You're Cuba!

How bad can you really be?  So many people have said so many
bad things about you, but you know they can't all be true.  Not even most of them.
 You went a little crazy for a while, but now you're just getting older and tired
of all the nasty stuff people think about you.  You could use a little more money
and you really wish people wouldn't keep leaving you for richer people, but other than
that, things aren't so bad.  You really like used military clothing.

Take the Country Quiz at the Blue Pyramid

Not too far off base, really... :) But for the used military clothing part. They missed on that one.

LMAO at myself! If you were here for the timeframe that I was Cuba fifteen times on my blog (okay, I exaggerate - I always have, right dad?), you'd be laughing at me, too. Everytime I tried to publish, blogger blew up, so I didn't think it worked... so I published again! I didn't know it was working! LOL, LOL!!!


More good news...

Sayeth Elizabeth regarding Sydnor:

"My mom had a chest x-ray today, everything is stable. She gets another in a month. No chemo for now."

Snoopy dancin' here in Wisconsin! This is wonderful news!


The mother's day gift was a bobblehead Raidaire. Not a cheerleader. I was only a cheerleader for a very brief time starting in early junior high. If you look carefully at the bobblehead, you'll see that she is fully formed, like an upper high schooler.

Am I going to have to come over there and paint a tiny little Raidaire insignia on her chest? Perhaps she needs a little Raidaire sash?

I now return you to your regularly scheduled boredom...


K's sorority sister, Moe, found out that her cancer is very treatable. Glad to hear it Krush! Thanks for the update! She'll remain on my list and prayers and she'll be walking with me at the Relay on my shirt!


For Vernon...

Today I ran for Colleen's Dad, Vernon. He'll soon be treking to Rochester to have the two brain tumor's checked out and possibly surgically removed. Colleen is going to keep me posted on that. Please keep him in your thoughts. This waiting and wondering is all so hard. Brings back a lot of memories!

Today's miles: 5.25
Total so far: 15.28 (ON RETURN TRIP!)
Still to go for goal: 484.72

Kel started driver's ed classroom training tonight! And then we watched Thirteen Conversations About One Thing.


Another of my dear Diva Sisters writes that her father has been having headaches and they have now found two tumors in his brain... we wait for more information, but in the meantime, please add Colleen's Papa to your prayer/good thoughts lists.

Love you, Colleen!


I think blogger really wants us to use their commenting system rather than someone elses (but I'm already paying to use Haloscan, so I'm not switching) because I'm really having a hard time making the two work together with the new roll out of blogger.


Mileage for Nancy...

This is for you, Nancy!

Today's miles: 5.0
Total so far: 10.03 (on the RETURN)
Still to go for goal: 489.97

Hurray for New Blogger Templates!

Not so boring anymore! Scrolling to the bottom no longer necessary to see my inspiration and finding links and blog friends!

Oh my goodness...

Blogger has made so many changes! It looked totally different when I signed in this morning to make my updates and I didn't even recognize it. I still don't recognize my own blog. This is practically too much to bear!

The weekend was so gorgeous! I got lots more done in my foundation plantings. I don't have to plant them, they just needed some serious work because I haven't done much to them for the past couple of years so they kind of took over the place. Right now as I gaze out the windows of the office, there is quite an amazing bunch of color out there. The crab apple is bursting with white blossoms, the pink flamingos are in parade up the yard, the rose breasted grosbeaks have returned and are gathering on the feeders, there is a male cardinal on the ground beneath the feeders, there are two male indigo buntings - stunning in their indigoness (word???) in the incredibly green grass, the blossoms of the azaleas that weren't beaten off in the storms last night are so close in color to the flamingos that it's funny. The barberry add a nice deep dimension to the colors. And the bright yellow of the millions off dandelions that sprang up overnight pop out quite nicely giving the whole thing a star-dappled backdrop effect. Wish you could see it! But you can't. Because I can't post a photo.

Today I'm going to be running for survivor Nancy Lindstrom. This is my writing buddy, traveling buddy, Instant-Messaging buddy Marge's dear friend. This is what Marge has to say about her...

I have a Survivor friend I would like to request a dedication for ... Nancy Lindstrom, a breast cancer survivor of ... 5 years now?? ... who has been my friend since we rode trikes together in White Bear Lake. Nancy has great insight into her cancer, and also has that fierce faith and determination some call stubbornness that makes for survivors. I love her dearly.

Okay. So I guess I'd better get on it.


Happy Birthday, Dad!!!

Today is my Papa's birthday!

Love you Dad! Sorry I can't leave you a nice birthday cake, too... But you know the problem with all of that. :)


For K's Sorority Sister.

The running started off with a bang this weekend. Quite literally. I was running full tilt on Lurch (my treadmill) watching a movie, when suddenly everything stopped. Dead. There was a loud beep from our electrical something or others - perhaps the smoke detectors which are wired into the power, perhaps the carbon monoxide detectors, maybe the computer which had been on because Keith was using it, maybe it was the security system or it could have been a combination of two or more of those things. There was a significant beep as they all went down when the power went out. And Lurch stopped suddenly, stopping me quite suddenly in my tracks.

Today's miles: 4
Total so far: 5.03 (on the RETURN!)
Still to go for goal: 494.97 (ugh... good thing that first 500 is behind me!!!)

Today I ran for Krush's Sorority Sister who recently learned she has cancer. Keep her in your thoughts. Have you heard any more about how she is doing, K?


Gardening... running... concert-going...

Well, my memory post went over well, as Mark so kindly pointed out for me. Thanks pal. :-P Guess people are loving the new look of my boring blog or something.

Anyway, been working on the gardening and yard around here. I think it's looking better than it has in a couple of years. I'd been ignoring the foundation plantings and they've been getting away from me. Even got the birdhouses out. The squirrels are thrilled.

Going to start up with the running again today. A week is a long enough hiatus. I can't stand not running anymore. By the looks of the wind, though, it will be with Lurch. Besides, with the great speakers now hooked up to the movie projector (thanks Dad!), I've got to go experience a movie and what better way than while I run?

The David Bailey concert last night was great, as always. He played a little new, a lot of old, and mixed in some of his typical David humor. Keith got to talk to him afterward for a bit, which was really terrific. David also had a special guest who will now be another of our favorite musicians, I think. His name is Michael Billet and he plays "Impressionistic acoustic guitar". It was beautiful. He is a survivor of cancer also - a tumor which was removed from his neck. Surgery and radiation took care of it, but seven years later it returned. "Another surgery saved his life but left him unable to speak... except through his guitars."

Okay. Off to the garden. Back later to post the running miles.



Seen several places now around the blogosphere... But seen first at Busy Mom's. Please feel free to give it a whirl whether you are a blogger or not, because I know that many of my readers aren't...

Invent a memory of me and post it in the comments. It can be anything you want, so long as it's something that's never happened.

If you are a blogger: Then post this in your journal so that people can invent memories for you. (I consider the last bit optional if you’d rather not use it in your own blog.)

Blog changes.

Okay. It looks a little milk toast around here, but we'll all get used to it. Right? Sorry about that. Here's a list of the changes... bulleted in Stacey's honor. Because I lurrrrrvs my Stacey. And she's just having a rough week. Go give her some luvin.

  • First off, and most obvious, no pictures. I've explained all that already. Wrists slapped. I haven't had time to go through the archives and disconnect all of the links. I will. Don't worry. Because I've done wrong. Didn't know it at the time. Would have if I'd thought about it for five blinking minutes. But I didn't. Not really. So I'll get that done. Soon. Before the AF police come and take me away, I hope.

  • My links to other blogs and important sites are now at the bottom of the blog. Please don't forget to scroll down when you are finished reading the newest post and visit those blogs and sites. Because they are good people and good sites. And I'm not smart enough to figure out how to skinny down these posts and get them up here on the sidelines where they are visible and where you'll see them and remember to click on them easily and frequently.

  • The names of the incredible survivors and the people who I'm running in honor of are now also at the bottom of the page. Please remember to scroll down and have a look at them, too. Because they are what keep me going. Every day. Okay, not for the past week, but I'm resting my all-important Achilles. Mark says I'm in big trouble if I lose them. So I'm listening to him. So scroll, people! Scroll!

  • My progress chart (remember that?) of the rubber ducks and all is now at the bottom of the page. I think you know the routine by now... I'm going to need just as much cheering on the return 500 miles as I needed on the out-going 500. I hope you'll all be here to do that.

  • Hey! It's Thursday! Time for a stupid question! I think I'll toss one in right now... From the book If... Questions for the Game of Life

    If you could have directed any film in history, what movie would it be?

  • The archives are now at the bottom of the blog. Same routine, different day.

  • The button for donating to my Relay for Life efforts has moved from on the right side of the blog to the top left. There is still plenty of time to make a donation! ALL proceeds go to the American Cancer Society. Let's help beat the cancer bastard right into the ground.

  • I'm still looking for more names to add to my inspiration lists. Bring 'em on. Those names are going on my T-shirt for the Relay, too. I can't wait! I'm going to be taking photos. But now I won't be able to put them on my blog. Maybe I can get one of my blogging friends who actually pays for their own site to put the photos up... :) cheap cheap... LOL!!!

  • Was there anything else on the old blog that I'm forgetting about? I can't think of anything right off the top. Oh yeah. I remember. That great Relay for Life logo is missing. So just pretend I still have it. It's now at the top of the blog - top right of the page. Right up there next to the blogger ad stuff. There is a nice blank square just screaming for it.

    Okay. Have a great night all. I have more blog fixes to make. Mistakes to correct. Major oops. And a letter to get out to some fabbo people who pledged some money per mile to let them know I made it!!! Whooo hooo! Big-hearted people are the bestest... I know a lot of them... Thanks ya'll.

    Okay. Question answered...

    Why am I getting this dang loadblock from Angelfire??? Can someone explain that to me please???

    I was unknowingly committing an angelfire crime with my free account. Going away now to update all my blogs. This could take a while.


    Hope everybody enjoys reading boring blogs with no photos...


    Eternal Sunshine...

    Had a fun day yesterday. My old Gray Street pal from our diaper days, Cari, took me out for my birthday (yes, we really have been that busy - it was in January). We went to lunch at Sidney's (mmmmm, Sidney's), and then we went to see Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I'd have to agree with the people who said it was Jim Carrey's finest work of acting... A complete departure from the usual stuff he's in and none of his slapstick. It is going to stay with me for a while. One of those movies I'll think about for a long time and will see again on video when Keli rents it because I'll want a second peek to review certain things about it.

    It was a beautiful day, too. The sun was incredible, the sky was that deep cerulean blue. And then there is today. Dave Dahl gave his skymax forecast and predicted rain moving in around noon. When Dad called to come out and see if we could get the tractor started (we've had to jump start it the past three times in a row now), I told him the prediction and we agreed that we'd have nearly three hours before then, and Dad didn't believe it anyway. We had to jump it again, and the rain was falling by 12:15. It was amazing. It's been chilly, too. But Dave says that the rain would be a pre-cursor to a heat wave. By 2 pm we're supposed to have 82 degrees. Dad doubts that one, too. After that rain, though, I'm wondering if my money shouldn't be on Dave... we'll see.

    I'm going to do some laundry now (darn it if the sun isn't trying to poke through the clouds) before I have to head to town to get the kid.

    I'm thinking ya'll need a new pic of the poor puppy, too. He's really pathetic today. He wouldn't stop trying to chew the bandage off last night, so I stuck a sock on him. He's not pleased. Oh the humiliation...

    Image snatched by the angelfire police - and rightfully so... I was unrightfully linking to it but didn't know that wasn't allowed. I am ashamed!


    Long Night...

    Poor Bear. This is a dog who has always been susceptible to choking/coughing fits. Trying to walk him on leash was always impossible because he strained at the leash causing himself absolute fits choking himself. Putting him on a body harness which became a total necessity (because as you look at him you can see that his neck/rough is much thicker than his head, so he can just back out of any collar now) but not much better for walking him because he still strains at them too much and manages to somehow choke himself.

    Well, having a tube down his throat for the procedure and teeth cleaning yesterday was a bit much. He is sleeping soundly beside me now, but most of the night consisted of his getting up and having a choking/coughing fit, sounding like he was going to cough up the contents of his stomach (which wasn't much as he was restricted), my trying to convince him to drink some water or eat some ice chips (which he refused), and his settling back down and fitfully falling back asleep with these little coughing fits that were like little hiccups... Kel moaning and groaning beside me because she had decided to sleep upstairs by the injured little puppy. Around 4:50 am, about five minutes after I whispered, "You should really go back to your room and try to get a little more sleep." Kel threw back the covers and said, "I'm sorry, but I'm never going to make it if I don't go back to my room and get some sleep!" And she left. I wonder how many times she'll fall asleep in class today?

    Amazing how easily he is sleeping now. Hope this is a sign that he is recovering. He ate breakfast okay and finally drank some water. Maybe that helped.

    Poor puppy.


    His Highness has returned to his throne...

    Doesn't he look pathetic?

    Imagine poor puppy looking pathetic. Image snatched by angelfire police. Sorry...

    I just thought it was funny that he was wearing a little pink cast much the same as the one I wore in Colorado when I broke the bone in my ankle many years ago. I think mine was on the right side, though.

    Poor baby...

    But first...

    I'll be doing a run for Krush's sorority sister who just found out she has cancer. She'll find out next week how things look, but I told K that I'd do a run for her as soon as I start running again after I rest my achilles for a couple more days.

    And that goes for anybody else, too. My return from Nowhere will be dedicated in honor of those who did not survive, but when I hear about new cancer fighters, I'm definitely going to dedicate runs that direction, too, so please let me hear about them!

    Took my little Bear (Spawn of Satan) to the veterinarian today and had to hold him while they gave him the anesthesia to knock him out for some minor surgery (they say with a nine-year-old dog no surgery is minor, though). Poor baby. He just went limp and I helped him slide down onto the table and had to stay there with him while they put the tube down his throat and put him on oxygen.

    And I didn't even pass out!

    I'll get to pick him up after I pick up Kel from school so she can help me carry him on the way home. Poor little puppy. He gave the doc and the assistant some nasty spitting growls and showed his teeth while they took blood for the pre-surgical screening and then while he got shaved and had his anesthesia shot. He's crabby at the vet. And very stressed. He quaked in my arms for about 20 minutes prior to getting in for his appointment.

    Better go try and get those Japan pictures printed out. The first place I tried was unsuccessful. Let's hope the next has more luck. It's a beautiful but windy day.

    David Bailey is in town this week. Who's with us?

    Feel free to go check out David's website where you can find photos of him there since you can no longer find photos of him here! ;) He'll be thrilled by your visit!

    Marge is depressed because she can't make it this year. We're bummed too, Marge. We'll miss you.


    In their honor...

    I've decided that on the return from Nowhere, I'll be running to honor the memory of those who did not survive.

    Please send me the names and any memories you'd like me to post as well. I'll start with the names of those who dropped down my survivor list, then I'll move on to the names already sent me for my Relay shirt and continue on with names kindly sent by all of you. I'm making my list and checking it twice.

    Send me my inspiration.

    I now return to icing the achilles and resting for a bit. Thanks for all your support and love and generosity. Keep those donations coming to the American Cancer Society. Taking donations right up through the Relay in mid-June! Together we can make a difference to stamp out this beast. All donations go directly to ACS to help find a cure.


    She's a Real Nowhere Man Sitting In Her Nowhere Land...

    I Made it!

    Today's Miles: 5.4
    Miles So Far: 501.03
    Still to go for goal: (1.03)

    Keli ran with me today. It was a beautiful day for it, although I did moan a bit about the cold wind until we really got going. She gave me many kudos for how far I've come because she hasn't run with me for a long time and my conditioning has changed considerably since then.

    This is us coming down our road on the way in.

    yep. here we are running down the road. can you picture it? (These photos will be replaced as soon as I can get back on my computer and we are finished taking care of arrangements with our dear puppy.)

    When I got back to our road I had tears streaming down my face because, let's face it... I never imagined back in November what a trip this was going to be. I believed I could do it (sort of). I thought the time frame was doable. I hoped I would hear from people giving me names of people to run for to help inspire me, and as you can see from my inspiration list which is constantly increasing, there was a lot of inspiration. Damn cancer.

    Here I am at the finish line Keith had waiting for me when I got back. :) Kel wouldn't cross it with me. I insisted but she wouldn't do it. "It's your 500 miles, Mum." And blasting from the car stereo as I came across the finish line he was playing David Bailey... My favorite CD - Coffee with the Angels. Go out to CD Baby and buy it. Now. It's good stuff.

    Hey! Look how much energy I have after 5 miles! (These photos will be replaced as soon as I can get back on my computer and we are finished taking care of arrangements with our dear puppy.)

    And the medal he "made" me...

    Isn't it cool? It says "Survivor of 500 miles!" (These photos will be replaced as soon as I can get back on my computer and we are finished taking care of arrangements with our dear puppy.)

    Now I get to return! And I shall. 500 miles. But first I'm going to take about a week and simply walk. And nurse the achilles in both legs. Ice. Lots of it.

    And I'm going to blog that return. And I hope you'll join me. Because I'll miss you if you don't.

    Listening to: Vangelis - Chariots of Fire of course...