Thursday Question...

Thursday Question...

Okay. Here we are with my fascinating question of the week hoping to generate some additional comments because you all know how I like to hear from people.

Mwaaa to my regular comment posters!

This week's question comes to us from The Little Book of Stupid Questions (and yes, I do actually own this book; a writer must have all sorts of research and idea material)...

Is it more time efficient (and just plain better) to put on both socks and then both shoes, or one sock, one shoe and then the other sock, the other shoe?

I actually saw this situation argued on an episode of All in the Family between Archie Bunker and his son-in-law, who's name - other than Meathead - totally escapes me now. They must have argued about it for a good 10 minutes! I won't tell you who was on what side of the argument or what his view was until after I hear your comments, good people. I DO hope I hear your comments.

Okay. I have work to do. I hope you all get back to me on this very serious issue in our world today.

And by the way - Happy April Fools Day! Hope it is a good one for you and someone is able to play a great joke on you. Because everyone needs a good laugh in life.

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