More hints...

More hints...

  • Josh Groban rocks my socks. Listen to him while cleaning and you may or may not get anything done. You may just stop everytime he hits a great note and clasp your hands together at your chest (or spread your arms wide - both are great) and hit it with him... at the top of your lungs... this house has great acoustics for singing. And the spawn of satan is a great audience. Really.

  • David Gray also rocks my socks. Listen to him and cleaning flies by. If you can get anything done while dancing. Truly.

  • Bare feet or shoes are best for dancing on hard wood floors. Socks alone are far too slippery. Danger! Danger Will Robinson!

  • When hungry and cooking a lunch of ramen on the stove, don't leave it there for the requisite three minutes to update the blog without setting a timer. You will not remember that it is boiling. Until you smell it or hear the results of the water having been boiled away. Bad idea.

  • Ramen that has been cooked for 20 mintues tastes more like paste. No matter what you top it with.

  • Back to work...

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