Hints from Helo... er... Keri

Hints from Helo... er... Keri

  • Don't argue with your teenager first thing in the morning as you are sending them off to a hard day at school. You'll feel horrible about it all day and it will be pretty much the only thing you can think about no matter what else you are doing.

  • When cleaning a sink "to the nines" and soaking it in bleach water for that extra shine and sparkle, don't lean over it in a not-tucked-in t-shirt to clean the mirror that is behind it. You may dangle said t-shirt in bleach water and then wander around the house for twenty minutes or so before noticing that you have bleach water dripping from your body.

  • Do not wear your very VERY favorite jeans while cleaning your house "to the nines". You may end up doing something really stupid (see above) and dribbling bleach water on them, leading to much wailing and gnashing of teeth. Not that anyone around here would do that over something as silly as a pair of jeans, but you never know. You might, and I'm giving you hints.

  • Do not sneeze at the very end of cleaning a gigantic mirror unless you happen to also be smart enough to turn your head, or have time to cover your entire face with your arm or something. Unless of course you enjoy cleaning gigantic mirrors over and over again and it makes your day to feel like you are spending inordinate amounts of time doing the same job twice when there are miriad jobs still ahead of you. Then by all means. Take that sneeze and let 'er rip. All over the mirror. TMI. I know. Allergies. Welcome to Spring.

  • To be continued as the day goes on. Because I just know that I'll have more brilliant flashes of inspiration every 45 minutes or so when I get to take a little break from my work.

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