Hints... cont.

Hints... cont.

  • Always remember, when standing on a barstool to change lightbulbs, if the phone rings and it is mid-morning? It's most likely a telemarketer and not someone you know who is in critical need of getting a hold of you. How many critical phone calls do you get in the middle of the morning anyway? There is probably no need to panic and drop the lightbulb and/or fall scramble down from the stool to rush for the phone.

  • Even better, get out the ladder when changing lightbulbs. It is only a few feet away in the garage, after all.

  • Having a lightbulb moment (the kind in your brain - not the kind listed above) while standing atop a barstool, is also not a great idea. Hey MOM! It was Gloria Bunker Stivik (thanks Hutch)!!! The other night while watching Gilmore Girls (must see TV Tuesday night... it was a repeat I've now seen three times thanks to the miracle of videotape, and the one with Lorelei joking about Sylvia Plath being cold, ironically enough - anyway, I digress again), I asked you who that woman was that Lorelei and Rory were visiting and having cocoa with and you didn't know (but you also didn't get to see her very much after I asked you that.) It was little Gloria, all grown up and many years later!

  • It's best if you have pets that scurry underfoot (especially spawn of satan pets) to let them outside and leave them there when you'll be climbing up and down on barstools. 'nuff said.

  • Back to work.

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