Great news!

Great news!

Hey, guess what? In doing all of this cleaning today, I've discovered that I think I'm going to need another garage sale! Isn't that great?

I'm so dreading it excited. Dad already said I can't have it at his house again back when we had the last one there. Guess this will be a country sale! Yippee! I bet you almost anything Keith will stay at his apartment that weekend. Unless he gets nervous about what I might sell out from under him. That might bring him home.

The one good thing is how I'll feel when it is all over and the house is back to its good old normal pared-back and simple feel. I'm so tired of piles and clutter. I can't think with all of this stuff - wonderful as some of it is. How did we acquire so much? Somebody needs to cancel Christmas and birthdays and all of the rest of the holidays for a few years. Then we can stop spoiling each other with too many gifts.

Back to work...

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