Yesterday was NOT a vacation day...

It was tax day and run Kel to the play day and run errands day (picking up flowers for Kel, going to the co-op, going to the bank, returning things to Tar-zhay, stopping for coffee, putting the button together for th ebirthday party Kel was going to today, waiting up for Kel to return from the after-the-play-party, etc.)...

I didn't run yesterday. That didn't mean I didn't feel guilty and think about how I should be running practically every minute of the day.

Today, I did run. 5.73 miles. I ran for Kathy's dad, Gerry C. I'm running to bring him comfort and peace. He is at home with hospice. Love and hugs to you, Kath. And to your family.

Today's miles: 5.73
Total so far: 364.1
Still to go for goal: 135.9

I won't be as close to 400 as I'd hoped at the end of the month, but I'll be getting there. Barring any significant problems, I'll definitely be able to hit 375 with three days left.

Gotta run now. Taking Keith back to his apartment. This four day weekend went fast. Too fast. ...Sigh...

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