Windy Wednesday Updated...

It is so blustery out there I just can't believe it. The tops of the trees are really whipping around for not having any leaves on them to be caught by the wind. They're talking about a 40 degree day so that should melt some snow. They're also talking about rain changing to snow for tonight, so the warmth won't help clear winter away much should that occur.

The varying temps and sporadic snows have made for some interesting poses in the pink flamingos of late. They look like they are doing a coordinated and synchronized dance out in the woods. It amazes me how some are leaning left and some are leaning right but all look as if they are doing exactly the right thing because they look so coordinated and I feel I should put some music on a speaker and dangle it out the window for them. But I suspect they hear their own music already...

It's time for my favorite candy to be in the stores again... Cadbury mini eggs. Good thing my favorite candy is only available for a small window during the year. I'm blessed that way. Unfortunately, it now comes in a BIG BAG like everything else that America manufactures. How's that for this week's question of the week, a day early... a bit of a no-brainer again since last week's had people thinking too hard. We can alternate like that... What is/was your favorite candy? And don't forget to think back to all those candies that are no longer available that you use to race to the corner store with your nickles as a kid on allowance day (back then I was partial to candy cigarettes - how politically incorrect those have become - and candy lipsticks with that red dye that caused cancer).

Okay. I'm going to run around and clean house for a while now because it needs it. Then I'm going to hop on Lurch if there is still time before getting Kel from school (told you it needed it). Then we might be off to a movie. I'd like to accomplish some writing time and a cup of tea or two at some point, too. Hope you all have a great day.

Run results...

Today's run: 3.06
Total so far:303.18
Still to go for goal: 196.82

Didn't get to update last night with the miles because I fell asleep before Kel got off the computer, so there you go!

Listening to: Harry Connick, Jr. - I Only Have Eyes For You

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