Weekend weirdness...

Weekend weirdness...

So Keith and I were lying around reading on Saturday night. I'm reading aloud again - and this time it is I Had Brain Surgery, What's Your Excuse? (an excellent and very funny book, by the way) - and all of a sudden as I was nearing the end of the chapter (about the fourth or fifth, and it was very late but we were enjoying it so much that I couldn't put it down - too many weird similarities to our own experiences with the medical world during his surgery)...

ANYWAY... (take a breath)

all of a sudden there is this HUGE boom.

Like a cannon.

I swear.

I thought we were being bombed or something. Or that I would wake up in the morning to the light of day, look across the valley and discover that neighbor Don's house was missing because the noise that I had heard was a neighbor's house blowing up or something. It was that loud. To me. I stopped reading and we both looked at each other.

Me: What the hell was that?
Him: What was that?

I looked at my watch.

Me: 1:15

We sat there silently looking at each other for a couple of minutes.

That's when it happened again.

Me: Oh my god! What is going on???

Keith got out of bed and opened shades and looked south into the dark woods wondering if he'd see a fire ball or something. We swore something had to have blown up.

Nothing. We went from window to window looking out and looking for the burning propane tanks or house or something. Absolutely nothing. We opened a bedroom window to see if we could hear sirens in the distance or anything. Nothing. About three minutes it happened one last time. We never heard anything about it from anyone else. We never read about anything in the paper (so far). Nothing.

I still say it sounded like a cannon. It was that loud. But it was the middle of the night time silence. Keith says it sounded like a hunter in the woods just shooting when we get them not too far from the house. He didn't think it was any louder than that.

It was LOUD. Horrible and frightening. And the middle of the night, people. Put your guns away. What can you see in the middle of the night?

Even weirder? We never heard a dog bark. Not one. Where were all our obnoxious neighbor dogs who bark at everything? Explain this to me! I'm glad Keith heard it, too. So it wasn't all in my imagination!

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