Weekend Wanderings...

Weekend Wanderings...

I've already been out and about this morning dropping Kel off at play practice (only a week left of this) followed by a stop at the grocery store where I picked up a few things, and a stop at the coffee shop where I got Keith's transfusion (two tall triple shot mochas) and breathed in the wonderful aromas going on there and just absorbed the wonderful atmosphere while standing in line in one of my favorite places in town.

One of the part-time barristas was standing in line herself chatting it up with various townsfolk. There is a photo of her in this week's paper and an article about how tired she was of the mess along Main Street and how she wants to see it cleaned up so she is organizing volunteers to do just that. She's taking donations of cleaning supplies and a cart for storing and hauling them. She's organizing the times for getting people on the street to do the pickup and cleaning. It was a great article and just the sort of thing I love about this town. Go Nell!

Tonight we see Tonic Sol-fa in concert. Looking forward to that!

Keith is heading out to the hot tub now, so I'm off to utilize Lurch and make up for lost time from yesterday. My genius daughter helped me figure out how to get some great sound with the DVD's so now I can really hear what I'm watching. That's cool.

Today I'm dedicating my run to Dan K. I just heard this morning from our friend Alva (who is also a Brain Trust member - Hi Alva!), that Dan (he is Alva's dear Andy's brother) has stomach cancer. So this run is for you, Danny!

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