Wednesday words...

Thanks for the comments about the new layout. I'll look into changing the comments for those of you who had difficulty reading the blue on black. That isn't tough to do at all. I like the colors but maybe I can find a larger font that would make it easier.

Well, it looks like winter has returned around here. We are getting dumped on with snow showers today. It wasn't snowing when I headed down to the basement for my run but things sure changed by the time I emerged... What a difference an hour makes. Yuck.

I enjoyed watching more of Titanic, though. Rose just helped Jack escape his handcuff situation...

I have such a strange dog. Haven't written about him for a while. Yesterday after I crawled out of the cave I'd hidden in all morning with my migraine, I was in the bathroom washing up and getting ready to head to town to get Kel from school when I noticed in the mirror that one of my earrings was missing. So I wandered around shaking out the shirts I'd worn over the past couple of days and nothing fell out of them. Next I headed to the bed and picked up my pillow and was fortunate enough to find it lying there in the bed. This meant of course, that the back was missing, too. So I started looking around on the floor and saw something shiny that looked like a little crumpled piece of tinfoil. I bent over and picked it up figuring it to be a remnant of a Hershey kiss from Keli's Valentines that Bear had gotten hold of or something. Turns out it was the earring back.

Guess it was crumpled into that shape because it was the hard thing I heard my weird dog chewing upon yesterday morning while I was lying in bed nursing my migraine. I heard him chewing on something while he was lying on the floor beside the bed. I asked him what on earth he had gotten hold of now. He ignored me. Of course. I didn't bother getting up to investigate because I was in pain and he eventually dropped whatever it was and left it alone and I forgot about it. Now why on earth would a dog chew on the silver back of an earring? Guess he has a sterling deficiency or something. Or it looked like something interesting to chew on. Or he wanted to get my attention. Or he's just weird.

Today's miles: 4.16
Total so far: 276.78
Still to go for goal: 223.22

Closing in on that goal for the tenth even faster than I had hoped! Hurrah! That means the March goal is that much more reachable, too. Yippee!

Better hit the shower so I can go get the kid. She wants me to force her to go to bed at 6 tonight. Yeah. That outta be fun. She loves it so much when I try and force her to do anything. Movie night with the girls has been cancelled again. I miss it and we've only done it once!

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