Tonic Sol-fa

The concert was awesome. I just find it so hard to believe that a group that good playing here in a college town, can't fill the auditorium. They deserved to.

A couple of local high school groups opened for them. They both did a fabulous job. WAY TO GO!!!

The concert wrapped up at about 9 and we stood in line for about a half hour with Kel's poster so she could have it autographed . We were home shortly after 10 by the time we stopped for gas. A long night. But fun...

I see by their schedule that they are coming to your neck of the woods later in the season, Hutch. It would be a fun night for you and the Hutch guys. I think you'd all really enjoy it. I could point you to some places to hear snippets of their stuff if you are interested. Or perhaps you already know about them. I bet they are possibly doing a fundraiser for a church or school in your area? Their concert was benefitting St. B's school music program here. FYI...

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