Saturday - for Todd...

Kathy C asked me to run for her friend Todd today who just learned that he has prostate cancer. So today I'm running for him.

I haven't made it down to Lurch yet, but Keith is making his pot of coffee to take to the hot tub now, so I thought I would get ready and pick out my movie and head that direction now. So far this morning has been a casual sit around with Keith and Kel, chatting and relaxing about life. After our late night, Kel was up really early finishing her weekend homework and watching a movie before anyone else was awake. I guess that all-day sleep yesterday caught her up on sleep for a while.

Keli's cousin Bobby has just been diagnosed with a rare auto-immunological blood disorder called ITP. From the little bit of research I've done about this on the web, what I've seen so far, is that this frequently hits kids between the ages of 2-4 years and "in most cases, their ITP goes away within the first two months, tends not to lead to other problems, and does not return." It is a nasty beast, though. With ITP, "the platelets are the target. They are marked as foreign by the immune system and eliminated in the spleen and sometimes, the liver." Bobby's blood count is at 5000 (normal is 150,000). He's basically living in a bubble right now. Most of the family is. They had to pull the girls out of school so they wouldn't bring any germs home with them and the daycare that Mom ran at home had to be shut down for the time being. Dad is the only one leaving the house to go to work and he has to shower and change as soon as he gets home before he can see the little guy. I'm going to be running for Bobby tomorrow.

On Monday I'll be running for Keith's friend Gail M.

Okay. Keith's coffee is ready. I'm off... Back in a bit for an update.

Running with more old Cheers episodes (and wishing I had "Kelly's Birthday Party" or whatever it was called so Keli can see it and hear Woody's ode to Kelly) today, here are the stats racked up for Todd...

Today's miles: 3.58
Total so far: 287.63
Still to go for goal: 212.37

So tomorrow is for Bobby. We're all praying for his speedy recovery and no further drop in his counts or illnesses.

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