Ode to Spring...

Ode to Spring...

When oh when will Spring arrive? We're supposed to get snow again tonight. At least that's what I last heard. Believe me. We don't need any more snow around here. Our driveway is a sheet of ice. Keli went out for a run on Sunday. I suggested she take something with her to slide down the driveway on so that she wouldn't fall on her butt heading down to the road because we have quite a nasty hill to get down if there is even a hint of ice. She laughed at me. And proceeded to fall on her butt.

Maybe that impending snowfall is what's making my elbow sore. Maybe it really is arthritis. It's tough to get old.

Anybody know anything about Dell computers? And SoundMAX sound cards? Our sound card stopped working. I just don't understand. I think it is the stupid websites we visit. This time it might have been Rathergood.com and the spongemonkeys singing We Like the Moon... Okay. So we are easily amused... Maybe they broke our soundcard (don't pursue legal action, this was just a joke). I would like to be listening to some Crosby, Stills and Nash. Or Chicago. Or Simon and Garfunkel. Or a little Tom Petty. The silence in this office is deafening.

Guess I'll just go run instead. And watch another repeat of a movie...

Oh, and speaking of Nano... Did you know that March is Nanoedmo? I didn't either. Until today. I signed up, but I probably won't get very far this month. I may have a glance over the thing for old times sake... May even print it out and take out a red pen and have a swipe at a few pages... Who knows? We'll see. I might choose another month for editing instead. We'll see.

Back later to post the miles.

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