New Design!

Thought I needed to jazz things up around here a little bit. Found this pretty skin with the lovely runner and decided it was the look for me.

The migraine is still with me. I'm taking a poll. Any other migraine sufferers that might read along with me and live up in this area, I'd love to hear if you might be suffering along with me at this time... Weather related stuff seems to be hitting people right now. Hutch, how is Jacob this week? I'm hearing of lots of people who are being hit with migraines in the past two days. Just curious.

Okay. Heading down to lurch along on Lurch now. This one is for K (you can refuse it, but I'll still give it to you! hehehe). Hope your medical tests gave you answers and that they also gave you help and comfort, Dear. Hugs.

I'll be back to post my miles.

Okay, I ran watching the first hour of Titanic tonight. Haven't seen that for a looooong time.

Today's miles: 4.26 yeeehaaaw!
Total so far: 272.62
Still to go for goal: 227.38

Headache faded into the background during the run. I actually thought it was gone for good. Seems to be roaring now, though. Perhaps the shower will help. Have a good night. It WILL be gone tomorrow. Tomorrow is movie day with the girls...

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