Monday Monday, for Marlene...

Monday Monday, for Marlene...

Well, I went ahead and missed my first of the 10 days I had to make that goal, so that means I now have 9 days and updating the average I now have to do 4.78 miles per day in order to get to 375. WOW! So today I did 6 just to kick things off in a big way and make up for lost time. Because it was dumb to miss yesterday. But I always manage to do that. You know. Get lazy that first day and regret setting myself up like that. But I watched two S&H episodes and took my time, mostly walking and very little running so I wouldn't burn out.

Today's miles: 6.0
Total so far: 338
Still to go for goal: 162

Today I ran for a friend of my mom's - Marlene Z.

And I heard from Elizabeth, that her mom Sydnor will have her last chemo for a while this week. Hurray for you, Sydnor! Glad you'll get a little break from that. Hope you are feeling well or will be feeling well soon.

I'm having so much fun watching the Starsky and Hutch episodes! Thanks again Easter Bunny! Those were a great purchase for the cause! Well worth it! Very entertaining and they hold my attention and make me forget any aches and pains while I'm running or walking... I really appreciate it!

Well, I suppose I'd better get to the shower. Have to pick up Kel soon and it will be a busy week.

She has play practice every night because the play opens on Thursday night, plus it is the last week of third quarter, so homework and finals abound. Can you spell S T R E S S E D ??? She has to give an oral report from the point of view of a character from a book she picked out and read this quarter on her birthday on Thursday, too. Her chosen book was The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath. She is thinking of having a(n) (intentional) nervous break down in the middle of the report... Keep in mind this is my very type-A and extremely shy perfectionist child who doesn't like calling attention to herself in class.

I still have to laugh when I think of Lorelei and Rory (Mother and daughter from Gilmore Girls - our must-see-tv on Tuesday nights) sitting in front of their open gas stove cooking s'mores and trying to keep warm when the heat went out at their house and Lorelei saying something along the lines of "Did anyone ever stop to think that maybe Sylvia Plath wasn't crazy? Maybe she was just cold?" Okay. Sick humor, but everytime I see The Bell Jar in Kel's hands or she mentions her project, I think of it and one of us starts laughing about it.

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