Monday - for Gail

Today I ran for Keith's friend Gail who was recently diagnosed with cancer.

And would you believe it is snowing here again? A lot. I didn't even know we were expecting snow today. It is beautiful, but I'm really ready for winter to be over with. They are talking about high 40's by Friday, which means a quick melt again, but we really have enough mud and water going on around here already. Things are flooding quite enough in these parts with the creek just up the road. We don't really need anything else right now. Oh well. Can't control the weather, I guess.

Had a nice MSN chat today with methinks. It is so cool to chat live with someone on the other side of the world! I love modern technology. And to be looking at her beautiful photograph while I chat with her is cool, too - she looks in the photo like she is cheering me on while I'm running as she is doing a cartwheel in it! :-) Speaking of cartwheels, Hutch, have you told the boys about the hundreds of yards of cartwheels we did up at the football field that time? I'm thinking of a Relay fundraiser involving cartwheels now... Not involving me, but my daughter and nieces or something...

If you ever come on the blog and can't see the photo at the top or the chickens or something, as is the case right now in fact, it means the website where I store those things is down and I can't do anything about that but wait for it to come back online. Sorry!

Here are the stats for Gail's run...

Today's miles: 4.16
Total so far: 295.3
Still to go for goal: 204.7

Since I found out at the Relay on Friday night that Kimberly, who I ran for earlier, had gotten bad news and was no longer currently in the lead in her race against the beast, tomorrow I will be running in honor of her again. It makes me so sad to hear this. She had breast cancer and had been through surgery and the treatments about a year and a half ago and I did not get any details about what her news was, but she has a daughter Kel's age and another daughter in middle school. I saw Kim and her husband and both girls at the opening ceremony on Friday night before I heard about it and they all looked really positive about things, so I'm just going to keep on praying and being positive with them.

We also heard from Keith's mom over the weekend that Sarah had passed away. You'll see that I added a list of the names of the people I'm running for to the right of the blog entries. Those are just the names of the people fighting cancer, or who have already done their fighting and who are now in remission. The names at the bottom are those who have lost the fight since I've run for them. Let's hope there aren't too many more falling into that category. I'm always looking for new names to run for - either those celebrating being finished because they've beat it or those fighting, so please let me know if there are people you know of who I can hold in front of me as inspiration. It helps me get on that treadmill each day.

If you know of anyone that I've run for who I've excluded from the list, please knock on my noggin and let me know because I'm not always the greatest record keeper and I don't want to forget anyone on my t-shirt!

When will it all end? Keep on racing for the cure with me!

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