Migraine Monday...

First migraine in months and it happens on the first of March and on a Monday and on the first day of Hutch's challenge which I read totally wrong the first three times I read it. I read it correctly tonight when I came in to post my day's run results and look things over and figure things out...

Today's miles: 3.50
Total so far: 268.36
Still to go for goal: 231.64

So now that I really know what Hutch's challenge (from yesterday's comments) is, I can recalculate things and figure out what I have left to accomplish if I want to try and reach that goal... (whipping out handy-dandy calculator) 31.64 miles to go by March 10 and 9 days left to do it... Just over 3.5 miles per day with no days off! I can do that! Jacob - for you? On your golden birthday? No Problem!

Busy day today after I finally dragged my painful head out of it's dark cave of a bedroom (thank goodness for room-darkening shades) when I had to go get Kel at school. Her new glasses were ready to be picked up so we headed for the vision place for those, then we headed to the folks' to show off the new specs. As soon as I can get her to stand still I'll get a photo and post it.

From there we grabbed some junk food and headed off to the high school where Kel had play practice and I got to stand in lines for 90 minutes and talk to teachers at Parent/Teacher conferences. This was actually a delightful time because the teachers love my daughter and I have fun chatting with other parents I don't get to see often. Then I sat around in the car for another 90 minutes finishing a book I was reading and doing some writing until play practice was over and we headed home.

Then it was on the treadmill to get started on the March mileage challenge. Tonight's viewing pleasure was Gilmore Girls and One Tree Hill from last week - thanks Mom!

Hutch, after seeing previews again a few days ago for the new Starsky and Hutch movie, I am SO looking forward to hitting that movie with you... Looks to me like Ben Stiller has totally NAILED the Starsky character. Time will tell how Hutch is. :) I can't wait! Kel wants to go with us. Don't know how we're going to do that.

Okay. Posting this so I can help her finish up some last minute homework stuff before bed. G'night all. Determined that tomorrow this headache anomaly will be gone!

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