Lock Down!

Lock Down!

Well, there is a lovely situation going on in our little town today. About a week and a half ago, the manager of a local restaurant found a tiny bit of grafitti on the wall in one of their bathrooms and reported it to police. It was a handwritten statement threatening UWRF African-American students and referring to Columbine High School. It also mentioned today's date. As a result, all of our schools are in lock-down mode today because the police and campus authorities have been investigating the threat and haven't come up with anything as yet and are concerned for the safety of all of the kids. Thank goodness.

Kel came home from school yesterday and said there had actually been another incident on Monday at the UW. She said a fire alarm had been pulled and when authorities got to the alarm site, another bit of threatening grafitti was found. Fun fun. So it is a bit of a tense day around here. I'm sure it is a prank. But it isn't a good prank. And tensions are running high.

Keep the kids in your thoughts today.

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