Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Busy day...

Between going to lunch to toast Lilah on what would have been her 99th birthday, running back to town to get Kel from school, heading home for a while to let Bear, the devil dog, out for a little while, then off to my known-her-since-diapers girlfriend's Mary Kay business kickoff party tonight... it was just a busy day!

I ran tonight watching the premier show of S&H... I only did 3 miles though since it was 10:30 pm. I was already kind of tired. So I watched part of the show without being on Lurch. I was right, it will be the perfect amount of time on the treadmill to watch an entire show while I run.

Thanks Easter Bunny!

Today's Miles: 3
Total so far: 324.75
Still to go for goal: 175.25

Finally, here's a poem, written by my cousin last year when my grandma passed away... in honor of Lilah...

by Jody Brown Miranda

Blessed with the Luck O' The Irish

She was born on St. Paddy's Day.

Grasping a rosary in her fist

and a feisty desire to pray.

She set her sights on Mr. Brown

and married her Scottish mate

the two of them, side by side,

worked hard and set their own fate.

Soon God sent them four little lassies

and a lad for all to spoil,

helped in childrearing by the Catholic Nuns

all hyjinks were quickly foiled.

Her claim to fame was an ample bosom

and her talent for song and dance.

As a kid I remember her snappy housedresses

and her disdain for young ladies in pants.

I remember Grama Lilah in her apron

at home and in the Catholic School gym

makin' chicken or spaghetti for banquets

or decorating Christmas ornaments with trim.

I also remember the Thanksgiving treats

and the stomachaches we'd be feeling,

and all of us cousins listening in on the grown-ups

through the vent in the first-floor ceiling.

My sweetest memory brings the faces

into sharp focus after all these years.

Grampa Howard hugging and kissing and tickling

'till her laughing eyes filled with tears.

Memories and tales came tumbling out

as we strengthened the Brown family ties

as we waited for her Guardian Angel's descent

as we whispered our loving goodbyes.

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