Gloomy Tuesday

The snow was thankfully unimpressive yesterday. It fell for a sum total of two minutes and if you blinked, you missed it. We didn't even get any rain. We aren't expecting any of the warmer temperatures this week, but snow is back out of the forecast at least.

Today's miles: 6.26
Total so far: 375.86 (Made the goal with a day to spare!!!)
Still to go for goal: 124.14

Yummmmmm. Frango mint. I don't allow myself two anymore. Even on the high-mileage days. They go too fast that way. Thanks again, Dranny Alta. They are still great incentive. Terrific combined with S&H Season One DVD's.

Cool. Made it to 375 by the end of the month, now let's see how much closer I can get to 400 tomorrow to settle Hutch's family bet.

Visited at my cousin's house for a bit on Sunday while we met up to discuss the big Japan trip for the girls. It was my first visit there. They have a beautiful place in the woods. They were just finishing up a big birthday party for my uncle. The big finish involved karaoke. Yep, a family bash with karaoke. My own little family of origin is made up of people far too shy to do anything like that. Although my mom did sing at this party. Then again, my mom is the least shy of the bunch. Not a shy bone, eh Mom? She and Nando sang first off, from what I hear. Ricky Martin was the song - something fast. Way to go, you two. Sounds like it was a great production. Kel and Dad did not sing, however... much more typical of how our party with karaoke would go...

Well, would love to stick around and write more, but I'm coming up slow here today. Everything is stumbling off my fingers at a v e r y s l o w p a c e... I'd better shower and get ready to go get the kid. I took Bear along to pick her up last night when I had to get her late from the school from her last night of any play involvement (they took apart the set and did a kind of awards with voting on made up catagories - Kel won "best techie")... Anyway, one of the other kids needed a ride home and it was dark outside so Bear, who is getting old and kind of blind and cranky decided to be particularly crabby and bark at her in a mean way. She was already kind of afraid of dogs. I don't think I'll take him on too many more rides to get the kid in case other kids need rides. He's such a brat sometimes. Spawn of Satan.

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