Frosty Friday...

Wow did we get the snow during the night and into the morning! Snow day! I got Kel up and sent her off to get ready for school. About fifteen minutes later I remembered that we were supposed to get a bad storm during the night so I turned on the outside lights and pulled the shades. Blast. Snow everywhere, sticking to the trees and still dumping! Wind whipping it around making visibility very limited. I jumped out of bed and ran for the office. I had to boot up the computer because I hadn't gone through my usual pre-storm morning preparations last night and then ran for the radio in the kitchen to see if I could catch a forecast or some school closings. I caught the tail end of them on the local station and he named the old home town, but not the local district. BUT, if the old home town was closed, that's a pretty sure sign the local schools are closed, they always follow suit. I ran back to the computer and brought up a tv station's website from the twin cities. Then I hit their school closings button and gasped at the long list of schools that appeared... I scrolled down the alphabetic list and sure enough - there we were. Now to inform my sure-to-be-ticked and already-ready-for-school daughter...

Me (from the hallway outside her bathroom): Um, Kel?
Her: Holy Crap you scared me!
Me: Sorry...
Her: What?!
Me: You can put your pj's on and get back in bed... no school today... bad snow storm.
Her (coming out of her bathroom completely dressed with wet hair, grinning): Snow storm??? What's with this weather?
Me: You get to go back to bed!
Her: I'm ready already.
Me: You get to go back to bed!
Her (still grinning, but not necessarily in a good way): Snow storm?
Me: You get to go back to bed!
Her: Okay Mom, I get it...

She did manage to go back to bed, and back to sleep. She slept until 2:30. edited to add: I stand corrected... She informs me that she actually slept until 3 pm... Not bad, eh? I think she's got that whole teenage thing down.

Tonight she went to the local Relay for Life and worked at Zany Janie's Henna booth, applying henna tatoo's to people for a free will donation for a couple of hours. She did a great job. I'm so proud of her because she was pretty nervous about it. She worked by herself for much of the time and many of her clients were college students and adults - most of them total strangers to her. She handled it very professionally. I know because I got to watch her from a distance for much of it while I waited for her. It was her first time working for Jane and she was told that she'd be called back to do other shows and festivals for pay if she is interested. She said she had a great time and would love to do it again. It's right up her alley being the artist that she is.

Speaking of the local Relay, Keith and I were there watching it for a while. We saw it as very well organized. It had a lot of energy, brought in part by the addition of all of the University students, I think. It was nice being indoors and having no bugs or weather to deal with (which can be part of the charm of the one we do in the summer, I think). We were thinking we might have to join a team down here sometime and do them both.

Today I ran watching old reruns of Cheers that Kel found while going through old unmarked tapes in the drawer of our dresser...

I ran for Sarah - a relative of Keith's who lives in Utah.

Today's miles: 3.51
Total so far: 284.05
Still to go for goal: 215.95

See you tomorrow! Only have to average 3.19 miles a day now to make 300 miles on Jacob's birthday!!! (Do I get to count the tenth as a running day Hutch?) Think I can do it Jacob?

Addendum: I had to pick up Kel at her friend Lauren's tonight a couple of hours after her stint at the Relay but instead of coming home, we decided to go back to the Relay for a little while. The reason for this was that Kel has a few friends in a band that was playing there at various times during the night including the luminary ceremony and that was going on about that time. I had purchased a luminary in honor of Keith when I was there earlier and thought it would be kind of nice to be there to see part of their ceremony, too. So, I asked Kel if she wanted to go back and she thought that sounded fun. She also thought it would be good to check on Jane and see if she needed any more help.

Well, we got there and Jane was swamped. So Kel pitched right in and got back to work. And I headed into the gym to have a look around. I am so impressed with this Relay. I watched the end of the luminary ceremony and got to hear Keith's name called off, Kel did too, actually because at that point, Jane had no extra bottles to work with. I got to watch a Survivor game played between the teams that was a hoot. They had a great time playing it and those of us watching had a lot of fun just watching! I watched a limbo competition that was a lot of fun. Still to come were hula competitions, a tug of war, a timed team tent set up, campfire stories and songs, partner skills involving fishing waders, more team games, a workout with a YMCA fitness instructor and a yoga session. They'd already had the Dude Looks Like a Lady contest, some dancers from a local dance studio and two live bands.

I discovered another positive about their indoor setting - the sound system is incredible. You can hear everything that they say and all of the music really well. It's a really hard call which is better... but they were definitely really well organized, I'll say that for them. And again, all of those university students give it a different kind of energy.

Kel thanked me as we were leaving (before she fell on her butt on the hard sidewalk which had gotten very slippery from the still falling snow) for going back because she'd had a really good time helping out with the henna again and seeing her friends some more. They made a total (I think) of $250 in donations which means they did 50 designs in the 6 hours they were working. Not bad!

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