Feeling strong now! - For Kimberly...

Well, I had to get on Lurch early today. I have a lot to do. First there is the 9:30 appointment with the local glass service company to fix the target in my windshield that got hit with a rock yesterday on the way into town. That's the second one in about six months. I hate that.

Then the car is well past due for an oil change. Oh joy. A favorite activity. But right next door to the glass place, so a convenient stop.

From there I'm off to the bank to set up a little savings account so I can get the Paypal button on here for anyone who might want to donate online because there are so many unbelievably generous people in the world. It cracks my heart open everytime I hear from one of you. I'll get to deposit a few new checks that have come in from other donators. Thank you!

Figured I might as well do Kimberly's run bright and early before all of that. I discovered something. When I run early? I run even slower than I normally do! It was a loooooong run!

Tonight Kel has play practice. At that time I'll have even more errands to run, this time in the old home town.

Today's miles: 5.09
Total so far: 300.12 (I made it for you Jacob!)
Still to go for goal: 199.88 (WOW! That feels so attainable!)

If I get permission from Hutch, I'll have to put up a cute puppy picture here at some point soon. Her family has a new addition to their family. Did I really calculate the miles correctly that I made the challenge a day early? Seems hard to believe...

I'll probably be back later today.

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