That's the sound of my neck when I try and turn it to the left. I think I slept on it wrong. I hate when that happens.

It's one of those all-in-one weather days. Woke up this morning to a beautiful sun rise with incredible blue color in the sky and a forecast of snow and rain showers. Haven't gotten them yet, but the clouds have definitely taken over and turned the sky a hazy shade of winter. The forest is now definitely gloomy and dismal. I wish the rain/snow would just move in and get it over with. A nice thunderstorm would be cool. Those are always good.

Today's miles: 5.5
Total so far: 369.6
Still to go for goal: 130.4

Forgot to send a note to the HS office today telling them about Kel's pending Japan trip. She wants to let them know and start getting her homework in advance to get going on it. Unfortunately there are only four days of school left before spring break. I'm not sure how many teachers are going to get the homework together for her in that time. Can't believe she is going to be leaving in just a week and a couple of days!

Well, I'd better shower and get ready to pick up Kel from school. And my house needs some desperate housework. One of my days off from mommyhood when Kel leaves for Japan is going to be devoted to going to Keith's apartment and cleaning and organizing for him, too.

Where's that snow? Bring it on! Let's get it over with!

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